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January 19, 2022



I also use the recipe on the bag of chip but I use stick margarine instead of butter and they don't spread thin.


1) this post rec'd more comments than a post about quilts.

2) I have never heard of adding jello to cookie batter

3) shortening does work. I've had it before. I just don't like using it.

So glad Eva is back with you. Thank goodness the Covid didn't hit while Ahren was here. That would be a mess. ;p


The recipe on the back of the TollHouse or Nestle choc chips is excellent. By the look of your cookies, there was an "baker error" Something was mismeasured (is that really a word?) Anyways, it's been my "go to" recipe for 50 years and it looks like you shorted the amount of flour(?)


I am guessing you melted the butter— just let it soften on the counter (not too much) and cream it with a spoon. Eva will be good at this! I think when butter is melted, it’s not going to work to then refreigerate it— it just loses consistency. Anyway, I always follow that Nestle recipe and I love it- I don’t like cake-like cookies though. For that, I make a cake! Heehee. Xoxo


Here’s the best one I’ve found, and comes out yummy every time!

The vanilla pudding mix makes them super soft and chewy. Now I’ll need to make some this weekend!

Robby H.

Well, we live at altitude so I always chill the cookie dough to help it start to set before it spreads too far. I also think it tastes better if I give it 24-72 hours in the fridge. 24 is adequate, but sometimes life gets in the way. I realize we don't always plan ahead that far and want cookies NOW. They won't taste quite as yummy as if they sit, but you can put the scooped cookie balls in the freezer for 15-20 minutes and it will most definitely help limit spreading. I also put up to 1/2 C of extra flour in, but that is also a texture thing at our house. Good luck, nothing is sadder than cookies that didn't fulfill their potential.


I hope this link works because it has a good chart in it of what happens with different amounts of butter and sugar and it's from Martha Stewart. My goodness there sure are a lot of recipes out there for chocolate chip cookies! I read your blog every day and love your quilts and book reviews, this is my first time commenting!


I use Crisco instead of butter as did my mom and her mom. They always turn out for me.


I use the recipe on the bag as well, but use margarine instead of butter. I also don't make them on damp or rainy days because extra moisture in the air affects them for some reason. The only time I've had them spread is when I greased the pan by mistake!

sue s

You may not see this, but I always use half Crisco/half butter. When my son was in junior high he did a science project comparing all butter, half and half, and all Crisco and wow! what a difference! As it turns out the all Crisco looked the best, the all butter looked like yours, and the half and half tasted best to the majority of people he surveyed!

Nancy L Buennemeyer

I apologize for being such a nerd. I have been lurking the responses and not seen anyone comment on the science of fats in cooking. One issue I have been taught is that it makes a difference if your butter is room temperature as opposed to melted then allowed to cool. Plus how much you beat and allow sugars to dissolve. I have found this to be very true with my cheesecake crusts. I no longer melt the butter but cut room temp butter in with a pastry blender, or it leaks out the sides of my springform pan! Same is true with cookies. These articles explain a little bit of what the science is:

Jan Altomare

Best one ever! I have tried too many. This one is requested at any event we go to, doesn't matter if they had them at the last event.

Jan Altomare

Forgot to add the tips I got from reading the many many comments.

Sift all dry ingredients together.

Chill the dough for about an hour!


Let me know when you have tried all the recipes and determined a best cookie! I'd like to try that one!!!!

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