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January 07, 2022



OMG...just in the past few days I was going thru "all" my UFO's and thinking I need to do something as there are tooooo many!! Guess 2022 is doing that to a lot of us and this must be the year to do something about all of these projects....I agree, If you really don't like it any more, pass it on! There are people who will finish and love it...


Aha! This is my job for the day! I still really like everything I have to work on— I’ve resolved to try to finish as many started ones as I can this year. I still feel like I have many quilting years ahead of me and tend to hold on to things, even though it’s likely I won’t ever do it all. Not adding more on top of what I already have iis my goal!


What an inspiring post!

I was at a quilt retreat in November and sat next to and older woman. When no one arrived to sit with her for the weekend sewing, I asked if she had a quilt buddy. She teared up and said that her buddy passed away three months prior. She said she was in the process of helping to clear out her buddy's sewing room and house. She spent the weekend working on some of the UFO's she came across. I promised myself that I needed to start finishing projects before I begin something new. It was heartbreaking to watch her work so hard.


I've realized that most of my UFOs happen because I put my project away when cleaning and then instead of bringing it back out, I start another project. So I've tried to find storage in my sewing area (living room) where the project doesn't get put away out of mind. I see that a lot of your UFOs are BOMs. They are hard to keep working straight through.


I currently have only the quilt I am working on as the unfinished project. I also want to do the new Riley Blake sew along. My problem is I have about 6 quilts planned in my head. Sometimes I don’t like the pressure of feeling I should get them done. I think I like the product more than the process which is another set of problems. I do think sew alongs move slowly and it creates ufos.

Barbara Groeschell

I have dozen of quilt kits that have never been touched. Does anyone have experience selling them? I know nothing about online sites. I would also not know how to go about pricing. Help!


I don’t allow myself to start anything new until I have finished what I am working on. I may decide what my next project will be but I will not even begin cutting until the previous project is complete. Once I get quilted tops back from my longarmer, I stop what I am doing and get the bindings on and spend the evenings finishing the binding. It is too stressful for me to have many ongoing projects. I do have quite a few projects/kits ready to go though. If I find they no longer interest me, I break them down and use the fabrics in other projects (or donate the fabric). Just the way I roll…


I am in the process of going through all my UFOs. If out of sight, out of mind - so true. Once I get them organized and know where I left off, it will be easier to finish them. I just pulled one I hadn't worked on since 2018 and now I am almost finished, yay!


I have a few UFO’s but mainly I have too many projects ( fabric) that I haven’t even started! Social media hasn’t been my friend the last few years. I see a quilt, fall in “love” and I want to make it!!! Although I did notice Nicole you have Harvest Road on your list! If it’s a layer cake I would buy it from you..😂And the addiction continues…


Please encourage your readers to donate unneeded quilts to This is a Colorado nonprofit organization who is trying to distribute quilts to fire victims.
Marshall Fire has destroyed 1,084 homes, and it’s COLD here!
Thank you.


Great post! I don't have that many UFOs but I have a lot of fabric that I bought with a specific use in mind but have never got to. Now I either can't remember what I planned to make or have lost interest in that design (but not necessarily the fabric). I have 3 quilts planned (in my head) that will mainly use these stashed fabrics but have two smaller UFO type projects that I want to finish before I begin anything new.

My other issue is that my "studio" is jam-packed with sewing stuff, I have more than I have room for, but I really don't want to get rid of anything. We might have to move so I can have a bigger space, LOL!

Debbie R.

I have many UFOs and fabric for "planned" quilts. Actually taking the time to pull everything out, write it down and assess sounds like a great way to start the year. Perhaps a few of them can be completed, or donated. More moving forward, less guilt. Thanks for the inspiration.


I FEEL SEEN! ;p One problem I have with UFOs is that my tastes continue to change so some of the UFOs are in colors/fabrics I no longer like. Yikes.

I don't feel guilty because the cutting/sewing at the time brought me comfort and joy. I also learned something along the way.

What does bother me is UFOs that I really really want to get back to and finish because I still love the project.


Your list looks very respectable.....I made one years ago..... Must find it..... Way to much stuff to do on mine...... Goodluck

Dianne R

I have one UFO that is 27 years old. It was a quilt for my daughter, and she didn't like it, so I put it away. It has too much white in it for my taste now. I also have a lot of fabric for quilts that I wanted to make and have forgotten what my plan was for them. I did just finish a baby quilt for my unborn great nephew. I used up some fabric that I've had for many years.


A few years ago i was gifted a quilt journal. I got inspired to write down my projects - new ones and UFO's. On the UFO's I listed what stage it was in and what needed done. Then I started tackling something. When I got tired of it, I would take a pen, write down what was left to do and work on another UFO. When I completed a project I took a red pen and jotted FINISHED! It was encouraging to look throughout the year as I made progress. Beat wishes to you as you tackle your list!

T Holzer

Love this! I don't have any UFO's but I do have so, so many patterns with the fabric ready to go in plastic tubs that I've been collecting over time. More intention and less time in my life to sew, I guess!! Your post (and Pat's video) has inspired me to go make a master list and get going on it!! Because I really do love what I have stored! I'm excited to see you check off your list too, Nicole!!!

Lisa D.

Great discussion topic, Nicole. Last summer I went through my pile of quilt tops and sorted them. Sent a few out to be quilted, gifted some finished quilts (some from projects that were many years old!) and donated some flimsies that I knew I would never have quilted to a friend that has a longarm and makes a ton of charity quilts. What remains is tops that are ready to be sent for quilting, ones that need borders or backings pieced, and projects that need to be finished (hello Farm Girl Vintage!). I often go through my stash and weed out things that I no longer love. Again, the same friend gets all my fabrics for her charity quilts. I agree with you - no guilt, just assess what you have and go from there!


My projects usually stall at the final border, but once I push thru I get it finished up. Years ago (Well, in 1998) I spent New Years Day pulling and organizing my projects. Finished the ones that were close to the finish line and then simply keep the list on my sewing table. (+25 projects) I update the list during the year as I complete a project or are inspired to start another. I re-write the list every NY day. It is amazing how many projects I do finish (takes away the feeling I am falling behind or feeling guilt). I have less guilt knowing how many projects I have up there then I would if I had no clue. Does that make sense? I have no guilt on the fabric or precuts purchased for a project that I have lost interest in making. The potential in the fabric is still there, it just wasn't meant for the project it started in. :)

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