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January 28, 2022



Wow, your new version looks amazing! I don’t know that I would have swapped the background cream color. Buuuut, given that you did, I love the new black/cream HSTs that make a frame. And I’m not sorry that you changed out the tulip block. You have a great eye for design!

Lynn C. (NJ)

So much better!! The collection of blocks looks much more cohesive now and the change to black triangles makes the whole quilt a stand out. Very nice.

Jane Eilderts

Looks great! I did the 9” blocks and am sewing mine together too right now. It takes awhile. I am trying to decide if I might add a small border. Are you? Sometimes when it gets quilted the blocks get a little wonky on the edges and I don’t want that to happen. Have a good weekend?


Congratulations! You did a great job! I know it was a lot of work but well worth it. Now you will enjoy the finished product.

Wendy Currie

That was well worth the effort Nicole! I definitely prefer your remake over the original one. Enjoy your weekend!


Yes, I like this version better too, for all the reasons you listed. Great job!

Katy Sweigart

I thought it was lovely before, but now, it is WOW! I hate taking things apart, but I’m always happy when I do.nice work!

Marie Woodhouse

Fantastic! All you efforts have made it perfect! I Love the new look and I think a inner border of cream and then red, with the black outer border would make it shine!


You did it, it's done, and it's better because of it. No regrets now, good call!


I love the before and after. It really shows your smart choices Nicole! What a difference. Hope you have a relaxing and fun weekend!


omg! I loved the 1st iteration of the quilt but the 2nd pass is just gorgeous. it is like a totally different quilt. well done, Nicole. well done!

have a lovely weekend....enjoy the sunshine. is your dad's furnace fixed? hope so!

Debbie R.

A brilliant re-invention!! Well worth the extra work. Looks great!


Your right...that works soooooo much better.


Yeah! What they said! Congrats on a beautiful re-do! Have a nice weekend with your dad & we'll see you back here next week.

Lisa D.

Very good revisions - it makes a more striking quilt with all black HSTs framing the pieced blocks. Nicely done!

Donna Murdock

I thought the first one looked great but the second one looks much better! It is funny how picky we are about the things we create. I find the smallest of issues to have my angst with that no one else can see. Enjoy your visit with your dad. It is wonderful he is alive!

Patty McDonald

Your remake is beautiful. It is more relaxing to the the eye a place to rest. I had to look twice to see your corner blocks are the same as before. They are much more noticeable now. You did a great job.


I never liked the tulip block either. So now that I saw that you took yours out I'm going to take mine apart and take it out also. Also I noticed you did not make the sewing machine block I think I will take that out too.

Annie O

Great rework job—the layout is much easier on the eyes! Congratulations on correcting a dread job with style.

Paula in NE OH

wow. Your quilt looks fantastic. Your new version is sooooo much better!


You nailed it!!


I love the revised version. The black gives my eyes that place "to settle" and feels so much more coordinated.

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