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January 21, 2022



Bravo Nicole! I give you a lot of kudos for picking it out! Since you put so much time and effort into making the blocks, I'm glad to see you are redoing it. Fun? No. Rewarded with a beautiful quilt you will enjoy? Yes!! Keep pressing on and thanks for being transparent with your mistakes - makes the rest of us feel normal! Have a good day!


I would have kept it. First, it doesn't look bad and sexi d, the wrong fabric surrounds evenly. Mistakes are merely design decisions. But since it bothers you, get to ripping g!


This is always a personal decision...everyone has a different feel for what they will accept. I am one of those sewers who will pull apart and redo to please no one other than myself and be very happy when the finished top looks beautiful and just the way I want it.....always correct whatever one decides and go for it as this will please you Nicole!!!
Such a pretty top this is...


Not fun, but you will get it done and be happier in the long run. I'd do the same thing. Just hope no stretching occurs and all goes back together. You know it would have forever bugged you with the wrong color. It happens!

Wendy Currie

I would fix it too. I agree you have put many hours into this one and some mistakes are too big to be left as is.

T Holzer

I feel your pain, Nicole! Remember when you sent me those Blockheads 1 blocks 9 months ago? Well my quilter and I were finally able to get together yesterday and take out the burned blocks and batting and start replacing them. It was challenging but so rewarding! Oh the things we do for our quilts, heh!!

Jane Eilderts

I would have fixed it too. In the big picture it probably won’t take as long as a person thinks and you will be so happy when it is done. I too did this quilt but in the 12” size-and I loved it. Next week my “winter” goal is to get it sewn together. Not sure of my setting yet. Great job!

Lynn C. (NJ)

Take it apart! You probably can do it rather quickly. You only have to fix the large half triangle blocks. I'm sure you are skilled with the seam ripper. lol
You put so much work in the pieced blocks that there is really no other choice. The refinish top will be beautiful.


I would have redone the bottom row, where there are just two solid squares of the wrong color, left the rest and had it create a new design element, making the star stand out and go with ‘I meant to do that’. I use the seam ripper often though, as many things bug me too. You have to do what works for you, if you were considering donating it, then it really bothered you and you have to be happy with your end results. I know it will be beautiful and look forward to seeing the ‘corrected’ version :-)

Patricia Ludwiczak

I'd have fixed it also - it would have always bothered me! It will be beautiful, and you'll be very proud of the finished quilt.

Debbie R.

I've always wanted to try over-dying a quilt to achieve a softer, more aged look. Specifically with Rit - Tan colour. It would be a risk, but I think I might have tried that. Your rip-out-and-redo is a lot work, but guaranteed to have great results. We look forward to seeing the re-finished top!

Beth F

I admire your commitment and I don't think you'll be sorry. But if it were me I probably would have left them. I get the point though that you spent a lot of time on the quilt and to have something fixable ruin the quilt for you then you are right to take the time to correct it. Isn't it amazing how we make mistakes like this even though we have lots of quilting experience?
Also, I wanted to mention Sarah Kieffer's pan banging chocolate chip cookies, they are wonderful! That particular cookie search is quite a rabbit hole as I imagine you've discovered! Let us know your favorite recipe!

Pam Losely

I agree with you. Since you took so much time making the beautiful blocks I would do the same as you. Take it apart and insert the correct fabric. At least it is the larger half square triangles. Under other circumstances it would go to charity.


Oh rats. I can't see it on my screen but if you see it as not acceptable then rip away. I spent 3 weeks ripping out some machine quilting I just couldn't live with. 12 years later I still love that quilt and am glad I took the time to rip and re-sew. Maybe this would be a good project to take to do at your dad's house?


A few years back, I participated in a BOM (with kit sent monthly) . As I was preparing to assemble the blocks together, I noticed the creams in all the various blocks were different. Because I could not identify the dominant cream to attempt to redo some of the blocks, I decided once it was quilted it may not be as noticeable. You could ask your quilter to quilt with a slighter darker shade of cream/caramel on your quilt and the lighter blocks may not be as noticeable. I really don't find it to be really obvious at all.


I would have done exactly what you did. I once spent ten hours ripping out something I did not like and now it is one of my favorite quilts! Its a lot of work, but it sounds like you will be much happier with the results. It is a beautiful quilt.


I agree with the commenters above that if it's bothering you to have the different shade then those have to go! The fabric shouldn't stretch because you most likely have starched it before sewing. It's a good project to work on while visiting with your dad. Have a good weekend!

Mary Kastner

I think you did what you had to do. You saved your quilt and it will be worth it in the end. A big ugh and hug coming your way from me!



it is such a beautiful quilt. all that work. I could not give that one away. unsewing is always a bummer. maybe you can get Eva to help?

have a lovely weekend with your dad and I hope you can sew on your featherweight while there. it will delight your dad to see you sew.

Linda Carpenter

Have ripper in hand!

Joan S

I decided this was my year to finish WIPs, and there are many! In the project I'm currently working on, I noticed that there are two blocks with the background fabric on backwards. It's a tone on tone white fabric and I decided it wasn't very noticeable so I am leaving it. Who knows, there may be more blocks with reversed background fabric! I say go with whatever you can live with. You are so fast, Nicole, that you will have your quilt top redone in no time!

Annie O

I’d redo the HSTS as you’re planning! They are the simplest block of the design so I’m glad less swearing will be necessary :)
As for me, I would rip the dark triangle off and not recut new colored triangles.


Like you, I would take it apart and change out to the correct color. I admire your tenacity to do so and keep going. Love the colors and the beautiful way you put it together. You go girl!


If I had all the fabric, I would remake the 1/2 sq triangles, fast and easy. No ripping. Use up the "bad" ones in a table runner or put in the back. If fabric was a problem, I would finish it, quilt it, then tea dye it and it would be wonderful. Keep/gift/donate? That would be your choice.


im truly not opposed!
it rather offsets the center medallion.
i would have left it and quilted a decorative (or plain but in contrasting thread) boarder to accentuate.

my mother always said that," if it didn't have an imperfection or creative license, then you wouldn't know it wasn't made by her"

embrace the you.

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