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January 21, 2022



I would have done exactly as you are doing:). It's a lovely quilt top. You should enjoy it and all the work you've put into it. Sew on!!!

sue s

I know how you feel. I just spent 3 days doing and re-doing a block that I just kept measuring wrong. But I couldn't leave it! And now I feel so much better about the whole thing. I think there are a couple of good ideas here- let Eva help, or take it to your Dad's.

Robby H.

I confess that quilt might have had a little "time out". When I got done pouting I would fix it. At least the problem blocks are fairly simple and likely will go quickly. For me, if I notice something once, it has to be fixed because I'll see it every time. Hope you're halfway there already!

Marie Woodhouse

Wow reading all the comments, makes me laugh as I would also rip out the HST and only add the new background fabric and reuse the coloured fabric. It really has turned out beautifully Nicole!
Love your sense of colour and style, it will be a keeper in my books. Love the entries for Chocolate chip cookies, when you microwave the butter is changes it chemical compound and it may have cause the cookies to flatten, but usually more than one thing has gone incorrectly. So the next batch will be a winner! Keep going and stay strong in you decisions.


I would have taken the quilt top apart too. It would have bugged me too much. One day I'll sew my blocks together - hopefully this year :)

Patricia D

I would have removed them as well. Fortunately it was just the hst's that had to be redone. A job to redo but worth it.

Marlene Clausen

What would I have done? Not taken them apart! Not that I'm not critical and have taken rows and blocks apart to fix a tiny HST going the wrong direction. But, in the photo, they aren't even noticeable. Even if more so "live," they are limited to the perimeter and look like a design choice. If it bothered the heck out of me, I would have given it a mild tea-dye bath and finished it from there. Your quilt, your choice, just saying what I would do.

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