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January 13, 2022



I didn't make it, so I'll live the dream through you. Fig Tree has such pretty and timeless fabrics and colors.


Always a treat when it's FigTree fabrics and do think I have this somewhere...? I have collected all FigTree fabrics and do remember that sew-along or something similar ...very pretty and will enjoy seeing this one put together!


I believe you turned the corner block in block two the wrong way. Your work is amazing

T Holzer

Look at your perfect points...again!! Beautiful, Nicole.

Marie Woodhouse

That is an Awesome find! I have a Frivol tin #6 of strawberry & Rhubarb fabrics, would love to find some of those fabrics now. Love the colours and blocks, but block 2 has an error on the corners.
Keep working on this quilt as it will bring you joy and light, and your spirits will be soaring high.
Great find!


I have mine all together in a box, all of the blocks are finished I just need to complete the finishing kit and put the top together. I also have a couple of charms in that box. It’s patiently waiting for the right time.
Good job getting so much done though I am sorry that covid has hit family there.


Yes! I used that Strawberry 'something-or-other' fabric to make a quilt from a Miss Rosie book! It's so soft & pretty. I think Fig Tree & Co. did a second line in very similar prints a few years later. You're getting your sewing mojo back in a big way this week--all you needed was some time! Hoping everyone in your family who has COVID is resting & starting to recover.


Look at you go girl! Thank you for the inspiration to get going on my sewing! That line was Strawberry Fields and Figtree came out with Strawberry Fields Revisited a few years back. I definitely think you will be able to locate border fabric. I'm excited to see the finished product! It looks beautiful!

Stephani in N. TX

These are the prints that make grown women covet. Surely, you will find a red for a border. I don't have any quilt block of the month desires, but this one comes close. Makes me want to open my bin of Fig Tree leftovers and parts and create. The style fits you to a "T."


I made that quilt. It is a really fun quilt. I gifted it to my mom. If I remember correctly some of the blocks take a bit of time. Have fun.


I still have the same kit stored nicely in my sewing room. 😄 Joking aside, FQS kits are my favorite kits to do. Simple directions and plenty of fabric if you make a mistake. I can’t wait to see yours finished so I can know what mine will look like when I do it.


no, I didn't make this quilt but I do have Strawberry Fields fabric in my stash...from years ago. ;p

Lisa D.

I have that BOM too! I thought I had it almost finished and I just checked - nope, only three blocks done. Dang. I do have them all cut out, though. :) I'm not sure I love this enough to continue, it may be destined for the donation pile.


too funny.....I have been thinking of mine and need to dig them out and finish the quilt but mine was 2010 or before...preety sure I have more then 1/2 made up.......I loved those BOM's that they ran.......

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