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February 28, 2022



Your last sentence was perfectly said! Have a good week Nicole!

Debbie R.

I love that picture of your father, and your tribute to his passion for reading, and yours, too. Interestingly, my dad is 96 also, and he has that same passion for reading, that same pile of books, magazines and papers. And his kids love reading, too. Books are so vital to our well-being in so many ways.
It sounds like his furnace won't be working any time soon, so I hope that warmer weather arrives soon. Being cold is so hard on older folks.
We all look forward to seeing Super Hero Eva!


OMG! 62 degrees is fine if you're tucked inside your bed and it is late at night but that is too difficult to manage during the day. I feel for all of you.

I'm so glad the painful procedure he went through for his eyesight has been successful.

Can you imagine how awful the response would be to Ukraine if previous admin was still in power? My god. I shutter to think of it.


Have a look at @talesfromtheoldthreadhouse on IG. You and Eva will be charmed by it. Something fun to look at every day. ;p

Glynette D Trailor

Although my mom has a good working furnace she is always cold.
I found an electric throw blanket at Costco (I'm guessing you can purchase them every where) and she loves it!


i use the public library (heavily) for my 94 yr old mil. i go online to request a "stack" of books. lists are kept by me and the library website as to what she has read to date. sometimes we have the library choose a "reading pack" for her based on her interests and past reading. LOVE THE PUBLIC LIBARY !!


Ooh! The electric throw blanket mentioned above sounds like a promising source of warmth while your dad waits for his furnace part! I know a few people who say 'I don't read' & I just don't understand that at all! When I was teaching primary grades I preached 'Read, read, read!' to parents for their kids. I told them it didn't matter whether it was a comic book--as long as they were reading! As you said, it starts at home! 📚📖

Janet S

You had a perfect weekend. Enjoy it as long as possible.


It might not help your dad but it warms my heart to see him reading. What a joy. We are big readers here. A lifelong joy. Appreciate every minute with your dad. He is so blessed to have you girls there.

grace thorne

i'll agree with your mom is 95 and does crosswords like crazy, like she can't get enough of reading voraciously...and she finally caved and got a rollator for walking assistance and is out walking every good day...crossing my fingers here...and keeping those books coming!


Love the picture! I'm a Florida girl and I would freeze but you Dad looks comfy. Yes reading is such a magical tool. It informs, educates, delights and keeps you company. I always told me kids if you have a book you always have a friend :-) Hope the weather warms quickly.

Dianne R

Love this picture of your dad. Both my parents were voracious readers and instilled the love of reading in all seven of us children. My husband I have carried on the torch to our children too. Today our almost two-year old grandson fell asleep in his car seat with a book in his hands. Two of my second grade reading groups are reading Charlotte's Web and seem to be enjoying it. We love our electric throw blanket.

Beth F

I completely agree with you about reading, it is good for so many things. I'm sorry about your Dad's furnace. I would also suggest he wear a knit hat or maybe a hoodie with the hood over his head. We lose a lot of heat through our heads and it will instantly make him warmer!


That electric blanket sounds like a good idea--with one warming up the bed before he crawls under the covers in the evening.
That, and a stern word to the utility. There must be community laws about looking out for seniors? He's earned the right to go to the top of the list, IMHO.

Colleen Marcotte

I can't believe how good your Dad looks. A full head of hair and nary a wrinkle. He doesn't even look like he is 70. My Dad read everything ... when we got the World Book Encyclopedias in the early 60's he started at A and read thru to the end.


A hat would help keep him warm. You lose a lot of through your head.

Kitty Buchanan

Loved your comment about your dad and the Sunday paper. My husband is 82 but the Sunday paper is always tossed on the floor beside his chair.

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