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February 15, 2022



I also have the book for that project but haven’t gotten my supplies together. I enjoy following you progress.

sue s

I too have the book but haven't begun even pulling fabrics. Like you I was waiting for more direction! What I'm really interested in are the baskets so maybe I'll start there!

Nancy Watkins

Nicole’s Needlework is sewing this one. She has a blog, floss tube and is on Instagram but maybe you already know this. It looks great Nicole and I will enjoy watching your progress.


Those little churn dash blocks are so cute! It's kind of unusual that FQS hasn't been putting updates on their website! Your Super Bowl party sounds like fun!


adorable! I haven't had a margarita in years...I use to absolutely love them.

enjoy the lovely weather and bake something yummy with Eva. ;p


The last time I checked, FQS was sold out of some of the supplies needed for the quilt and definitely the quilt kit. It's kinda big so I opted to do the cross stitch along instead since I already have all of the supplies. I can't wait to see what yours looks like!!

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