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February 10, 2022



Congratulations!! You should be very proud of yourself! The quilt is absolutely beautiful - love the border you added - great choice!

Pam D

An absolute stunner!!! Can't imagine the original finish could have been as beautiful as this. You should give yourself a pat on the back (or a long snuggle under your quilt when it's back from the quilter)

janet S

You're not the only one who struggles with large quilts but I so enjoy them when they are finished and I really don't need another lap quilt. The large border is just what was needed and it doesn't detract from the center so it's a win - win. It turned out great.

gailss1 pretty and Congrats on the finish! Must feel great to have this done and now you will enjoy using this one.....Nice work Nicole!

Wendy Currie

It looks amazing Nicole! Job well done!!


Sure is pretty! Worth the wait. When it is quilted, I wish I could sew the binding for you...;)


Congratulations Nicole, it’s fantastic! Absolutely worth waiting 10 years for!
Hugs, Tazzie xox

T Holzer

It's beautiful, Nicole and perfect for spring!


Can't go wrong with Fig tree fabrics. This quilt is gorgeous! Great finish Nicole. I love your tweeks!

mary in WI

It is beautiful! And the colors--especially the green--are PERFECT for your room. Cant wait to see it quilted. And I love the tulip on the back. Good Job!


You are so right about large quilt backs. My least favorite part.
Your decision to use the suggested border fabric on the back was spot on. Your selection for the border is much softer. Wonderful.



sue s

Great job of sticking to it and finishing it! Those 108" quilts are so big to maneuver, but I can't afford to send them out so I manage to work it on my 11" spaced Janome. Every time I lay out a quilt hubby says but it isn't big enough! Once in a while I agree.

Jane Eilderts

Just beautiful!! I am with you-I have started buying wide backs for the big quilts and it is a game changer!!,

Lynn C. (NJ)

Very, very nice quilt! It turned out to be quite a beauty. Your way of assembling the blocks made this one so special. Good job!


It looks great. Definitely worth the effort.


Ditto everything that has been said. It’s beautiful!


When you tweak a pattern or quilt kit to add your own touch, it just makes it more special. Your quilt is gorgeous!

Mary Kastner

It looks wonderful, A beauty for sure. Fine job!


Debbie R.

Beautiful! And all the nicer for making it to your tastes (which are excellent) and for actually being done!
As for huge quilts and large backings, I have one of those to deal with now. Don't love seaming and ironing such huge expanses of fabric.


You have a beautiful quilt with your personalized changes to the pattern. I'm happy you pieced the back, too! It's more trouble but just gives a quilt a little extra surprise! And, you don't have a leftover flower to wonder what use it for! Congrats on the finish!

Linda Enneking

Your quilt is beautiful Nicole. I like the changes you made. Last year I made some draperies and struggled trying to press them. My husband made me a giant ironing board that slides over our Kitchen peninsula counter. It's just a piece of thin plywood with batting stapled on it, covered with fabric. It is about four feet wide and about six feet long, gives me plenty of irong space. I have used it several times on quilting projects. I slide it off and store it against the wall in our laundry room.


Looks fabulous! That block layout looks particularly good on a bed.

Clara Chandler

Absolutely Gorgeous!! I enjoyed reading each blog post and seeing the final project. Congratulations!

Sandra Evenson-Hagen

Your quilt is really beautiful! Proof that good fabric doesn’t go bad waiting patiently to be used! Lovely!

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