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February 07, 2022



When I searched your archives, looking for your review of Lincoln Highway, I was given a message that I couldn’t view older content due to the fact that I wasn’t a subscriber. I am a subscriber! So can you tell me how to view older posts, please?

T Holzer

Thanks, Nicole. As usual, I added many to my Kobo wishlist!

sue s

I do enjoy the Louise Penny books, but I agree that this one was a little "out there". I've recently been enjoying books about women in WWII so you gave some good titles to explore!

Becky Turner

I really appreciate how you review the good the bad and the ugly of your monthly reading!


January was, indeed, a great reading month for you! 📚📚 Your reviews are appreciated & helpful when choosing a book I may not have otherwise thought about reading!


Jhumpa Lahiri Is a master storyteller. I love reading her. Another master storyteller that I love is Donna Tartt. I love how Donna Tartt trusts the reader, especially in The Little Friend.


A Place to Hang the Moon by Kate Albus is in my library system in the juvenile section. Is that the correct one?


I was unable to reply to Cindy's comment. A Place to Hang the moon is what I would categorize as a "middle grade" book.

Susan W

Thank you for all of the great recommendations.
Another great book of individual essays is
These Precious Days by Ann Patchett.
I gave it 5 stars.

Dot Booker

Thank you for all your book recommendations, they are so helpful when visiting my local library. Has been so warm here in New Zealand of late, that reading is a pleasure.
I am currently reading "The Girl They Left Behind" by Roxanne Veletzos, and really gripping.
January 1941 in Bucharest, a 4 year old is found on the steps of a building. Romania in the Nazi grip, she is left behind - unwillingly - by her parents.
This book is based on true events.


Thanks for the reminder about The Maid. That's appeared on several book lists lately.


I LOVE your monthly reading recaps and constantly refer to them when it's time to pick a new read.

Have you read "A Paris Apartment" by Kelly Brown. There are so many books with the same title but this one is one of those two different timelines type of books. A young woman inherits her grandmother's previously unknown Paris apartment and discovers a stash of very famous art hidden in the walls. It flip flops between modern day, where the granddaughter, with the help of an art restorer, try to figure out where the paintings came from and Germany occupied Paris. Highly recommend.

Audrey Bretz

Just curious, where do you get the recommendations for books? I usually add one or more of your list to my hold list at the library!


I love your book review posts!

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