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February 23, 2022


Carole Moore

I had to chuckle when you said you blew off Valentine's Day...all those red quilts?? Your green table runners are gorgeous!

Pamela Dempsey

Enjoyed your post! Your lemon cake looks so yummy and Eva did a great job decorating! :)

Joan S

I woke up to -4°, with a real feel of -22° this morning. I am so ready for sandals and tshirts! We've had less snow than normal this winter, but I am so over the bitterly cold weather. I've been pressing fabric in an effort to stay warm!


Love your posts! I’m really loving that first table runner. What is the name of that pattern. It would be great in some fall colors or Christmas fabric. I’m already thinking ahead!


Wow! Quake Hold! You learn something new everyday. I love that you decorate for the seasons. I have fallen down on that job during COVID.

Thanks for the continued inspiration.
Your loaf looks delish….would you consider posting the recipe


Eva comes by the decorating gene naturally! If that lemonseed poppy bread was that close to the edge of the counter, our two dogs would have helped themselves--like they did last night's cheese that was set out for burgers! We had snow for a couple of days & now we're enjoying a brisk -16°. Don't you wish you were here? 😂🤣

sue s

I love the pineapple in green! A great idea for a small trial with my ruler. I also love lemonseed poppy muffins- never made a bread though. I made a deliberate effort to do Valentines decorations this year, just because I guess. We've had ridiculous ups and downs in weather this last week- 6" snow, rain, ice, 50 deg yesterday and 22 today. I'm really done with this too!


she did a wonderful job! stay warm!

Leota Krantz

Glad you mentioned Ozzie. I have missed tales of his escapades lately. Bread looks good. Need to make something today too. Really cold here in San Antonio too. Crazy winter we are having. Enjoy that bread.

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