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February 03, 2022



I think I'd suggest adding another row of 3 blocks so the outer rows are "up". Perhaps same 3 blocks as row on left, but put in reverse order. For this quilt I would not do on point. Please show what you decide!

janet S

I agree with Bonnie with adding another row. Of course, as long as you have fabric, anything goes and I bet it will look great. Looking forward to see what you do.

Carole Moore

I would add another row, and a good size border or some fancy sashing. With the height of today's mattresses you will probably want it more than 90 inches wide. Beautiful fabric.
The stems would just make it longer.


The real question is how much more time and effort do you want to put into it. Seems to me, after looking at the patterns, you could work all year on it. The pattern that appeals to me is the one that is 84 by 84. You would make the center and add borders as wide as you need. The center design would be fun to create or follow the design as shown. I love the idea of making it exactly like you want it.


Congrats on the "Sewcialites" quilt. There is a lot of work in that quilt, but it is beautiful. I can hear your creative gears turning with your mystery quilt, can't wait to see what you come up with. I love the soft colors of that quilt.

Barbara Groeschell

I might try to increase the width of the sashing, especially the middle 2 rows.


Your Sewcialites finish was well worth the color re-do! I'd add another row on the mystery quilt & an extra border to give you length on the sides. Mattresses seem to be deeper nowadays, so that's going to be a consideration. I've always liked that fabric line & it doesn't disappoint!


I have this dilemma all the time. I usually don't have enough fabric to enlarge it but I constantly wonder why designers don't plan for enough quilt to cover the mattress. Or why don't I figure it out when I'm buying the fabric and make sure I have enough to make it bigger! I have too many quilts that are just not quite big enough. I would probably make more blocks and make it wider, I'm on the fence with the stems, they are cute but they seem odd, maybe its the irregular layout. I think you can do better using your own judgment. Good luck, you are a beautiful quilter!

Sandie Mackintosh

I would actually make a simple pieced center, (maybe 9 patches set with sashing and cornerstones to mimic a garden trellis), and use the blocks, with stems, as the borders, placed so that they look like they are growing out of the direction of the floor when they hang over the bed on the bottom and sides. Green outside border as the grass they are planted in.

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