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March 28, 2022


Marie Woodhouse

Your little easter/april mug rugs are adorble! They will be cute as a table topper also. In Vancouver the spring blossoms are beautiful but in Toronto we are in a deep freeze again at -12. But my tulips and daffodils are pushing through the soil in my gardens. Looking forward to spring as Thursday we should be at +16. Yes the months seem to fly by, it could be our age thing. I am glad that you Dad is doing well, I hope you husband feels better soon. Have a great week!

Jane Eilderts

So cute!! I think you should share the cute tops you purchased and where you got them. I’m always up for a new shopping experience!

Ferne Tworek

I love basket blocks and these are adorable. What a fun idea to do mug rugs and runners with them! You were correct about January feeling so long and February and March just flying by...I am feeling the same.


I really like the basket mug rugs. The Pattern Basket company has such cute patterns. I just finished piecing the bunny pattern and I am hoping to have it quilted before Easter. The months are flying by for me. Today we are getting rain in California which is so desperately needed. Have a wonderful day.


I agree with everyone here! This year has picked up speed the past couple of months! Did we even HAVE February?? I have a stash (hoard?) of that Nine Dots fabric & have used it for two lap quilts. I'm 'saving' it for at least one more project. I suffer from allergies & your husband has my sympathy on that! Sitting outside can be miserable!


The weeks melt away! The basket block is very intriguing. Our guild BOM this year is baskets so I'm attuned to any basket design.


those baskets are adorable! so glad you had a nice visit with your dad. I hope his furnace is repaired soon. it is still chilly at night for him, I'm sure.

I have tried so many things for allergies. my doctor got me to try Flonase. you can now get over the counter. it is the ONLY thing that helps with the itching and coughing.

for the eyes try Ocusoft lid scrub Plus. it really helps for the itching/dry eyes. also sold over the counter.

sue s

Oh I love these baskets! A great idea for a runner or even wallhanging. You'll do fine with straight line quilting.
My hubby has terrible allergies too, but it's hard to get him to try products and stick with them. He's also allergic to mosquito bites so that ends our evening time on the porch all summer!
I'm glad your dad was in high spirits this weekend.
Some folks have daffodils coming up but mine are late as our yard faces north.

Marylou Hansen

Seems to me the Oscar's award show hasn't had so much attention in years. Will everyone be watching next year to see who gets slapped?

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