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March 07, 2022



Love your book selections and reviews. We appear to like similar books. I just add your recommendations to my “to read list” and don’t have to think any more about it. I am currently listening to the latest book in the Outlander series -50 hours- and reading one of your previous recommendations “The Book of Friends.” Thanks for your helpful reviews.


Thank you, as always, for reliable honest reviews. I've seen Valerie Bertinelli on a couple of talk shows & was thinking about reading her book. The excerpt in People magazine a couple of months ago was interesting. Have a good week!

Ramona M Chester

Thanks for the suggestions - if you have not read The Dovekeepers by Alice Hoffman - I highly recommend it; and The Red Tent -by Anita Diamant is also very good.


Thanks for sharing your reads. I might be interested in the one about the Syrian couple. My new niece-in-law is from Syria (naturalized American citizen now). She came here to attend graduate school at Harvard. Her parents and younger sister came to visit her and while they were here, their home in Homs was bombed to smithereens. They all ended up staying, as refugees but it has not been easy for them even though all except the mom speak fluent English without a foreign accent.

T Holzer

Your lists always cost me money!! You asked about buying books, but what I quite often do now is place books on my Kobo library wishlist and read them off there. Books take up so much room and one day, what will I do with them all? But I've decided to buy the books that I love and not yet sure if that means a hard copy or kobo version. Thanks again for these recommendations!!

Kathy Boehm

The Namesake was made into a wonderful movie starring the late great Indian actor Irfan Khan.

Susan Ramey Cleveland

I read A Day Like This and really enjoyed it Haven't read your others

Marcia Jacobson

I look forward to your book reviews every month. I am a quilter who also reads 10+ books a month. I use Goodreads to review and keep track of books I've read. I like to add to my reading list based on the reviews of friends with similar likes. Would love to follow you on Goodreads -- but I don't know your actual name. Would you consider friending me on Goodreads?
Thanks, Marcia Jacobson

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