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March 29, 2022



If Chris Rock did not know about the alopecia as he claims, is it still a mean joke? Is it just poking fun at her very short haircut which he thought she chose? I am just trying to understand what went down.
Your easter baskets are so pretty and springy!! The straight line quilting will be perfect. I am struggling with a fmq project right now too. It is hard since I am a self professed perfectionist.


Have you ever tried quilting with the wave stitch? It is more forgiving than a straight line and adds a nice texture. I like to adjust the width and length of the stitch and then quilt a crosshatch. I use green frog tape to keep my lines straight. Pat Sloan uses the wave stitch a lot and quilts in a straight line.


What I thought was very telling about the Will Smith foolishness was how he initially was laughing along with the others, and then - Boom! He gets “the look” from Jada, and charges the stage.
Attendees at those events know there’s the possibility they’re going to be “roasted”. The proper way to handle it would have been calmly discussing it afterwards, backstage with Chris Rock. I’m sure had he known it was a medical issue, he would have apologized and life would have gone on as normal. Now? It’s a big “thing”, WS has jeopardized his standing in the guild, and her medical issues are fodder for gossip.


I use blue painter's tape to ensure straight straight lines. I like the suggestion above about the wavy stitch (#4 on Bernina). I use it often on smaller pieces with success.
Regarding civility in general & the Oscars slap specifically, my battle cry over the past few years has been, "'What's the matter with people???'" I agree with your reader, Sandie, that it could have been handled in a more private manner with a much better outcome. And, I agree with your advice to Eva about taking the high road. But, her response about getting a result you don't like is a sage observation!


I highly recommend a walking foot for straight or even serpentine stitching. It works with all 3 layers and keeps the stitches even. I you start in the upper left corner, it keeps the bulk away from the interior of the machine. When space runs out, orient the quilt for a new left corner.
As far as the Oscars, a comedian makes fun of people/situations to make people laugh. The problem is people are too thin skinned and think that only their opinions matter. The concept of tolerance of others of opposing views appears to be missing from society in general.
P.S. You asked. LOL
Good luck with the project.


didn't see the Oscars and sadly I am not too sure who the persons are who were in the scuffle. I do know the operative word in cross hatch is "organic" as in a little straying from absolute straight makes the piece more organic and natural. Oh ;)


Will smith was in the wrong. He did what every parent is trying to teach their kids NOT to do and now I bet he will be glorified for standing up for his wife. There are writers who do those “jokes” so talk to them about it. Even Will smith said you need to be thick skinned in the film industry. Poor Chris Rock, does he not deserve an apology from Will Smith for the assault because that’s what it was


With you on the quilting thing! I make a lot of home decor items but don't know how to do FMQ. So, I just strap on my walking foot, pick a decorative stitch, and do straight-line stuff. Quilts I always have to send off, and it ain't cheap! But, God bless the people out there who can do it for me!

Carol in Texas

I have not watched the Oscars in years. As I was growing up it was such a classy affair with dignified actors and actresses presenting and receiving the awards. Bob Hope was such a terrific host, and then Johnny Carson took over and he was amazingly excellent….always in good taste. David Letterman only got one try! It seems to me the host list has just deteriorated over the years. I have now seen the Will Smth slap more times that I ever want to….it is on every news show. How sad that such behavior makes the top news for a day! Public behavior standards have sunk lower and lower, and Hollywood has gone right along with them, rather than trying to elevate behavior. Can you see Audrey Hepburn on stage with those two performers? It is SO sad.


I admire Will Smith for honoring his wife even though I disagree with the slap.

On the same hand, Biden insulted Peter Doocey for calling him a son of a b****. He never apologized for that and rather gave some meaningless mention of the incident. And he never apologized to Peter's mother. My point is disrespect is common.

Ellen in Oregon

Anyone who has watched the Oscars knows that the host makes fun of select actors in the audience. The joke Chris Rock made was actally just comparing Jada Smith's looks to the beautiful actess who played G.I. Jane. Unfortunately we currently live in a time when excessive anger and violence is common place and people feel entitled to act out in public. Smith set a terrible example with his over-reaction to a joke. As they say "If you can't take the heat, get out of the lkitchen". Smith's behavior was a terrible example esp. to kids Eva's age. People should go back and listen to the what Chris Rock actually said and not read more into it. Personally, I find these award shows outdated and irrelevant since most of us haven't seen the films. Violent behavior is uncalled for. If everyone acted like Smith all comedians would be beat-up during their shows. People need to lighten up.
I have many small projects that I would like to try machine quilting, but I can't even figure out how to attach my walking foot to the sewing machine yet. I I overcome my intimidation, I will probably wonder why I did't try it a long time ago.The worst that can happen is the project ends up an failed expeiment whhich might be better than sitting in a box for years. Your basket blocks are really sweet.

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