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March 04, 2022



I mostly read on kindle unless it is a series I want to keep like Harry Potter and Outlander. I read your recommendations a lot (just finished 56 Days, oh my!) and, darn you, you often recommend books just out so that makes them $14.99 which I hate to pay. This year I have a goal to read 100 books, 2 per week, so am turning to my local ebook library. I'm finding very few just published ones there so may have to start ordering from the library. I would love to read from a local store but I want to make the most of my money. Years ago, before kindle. I bought a lot of books and they got overwhelming. So I bought a kindle and now, I always have a book available and it is compact.

Janet of MN

Almost exclusively I get books from the library. We also have little 'buildings' around in neighborhoods or stores where you deposit a book when you are done with it and if someone wants it, they just take it - free. We also give books to the library where they have set aside a bookcase or area where they sell them for $.50 for paperback or $1. for hardbound. It's a win - win.


I get lots of books from the library but I often need to wait for those on bestseller list. I get books from Amazon,2 first reads each month as a Prime member. There is a free book each Friday from Barnes and Noble and an email I get daily from “Book Bub” tgat has very reasonable prices. Amazon kindle is $6.99 a month, I think, for unlimited downloads. Hope this helps- I read a lot too and books are crazy expensive! I agree, $30 a book is a killer .

grace thorne

i too get ALL my reading material from the library...after having moved books, i don't own very many...a few choice tomes. everything else comes on my local bookmobile. good for my budget and my storage space

Carole Moore

I too read about 12 books a month. No way I could afford paying $30 a book. I get mostly from BookBub ..I also quilt and my money goes there. Enough said about that. LOL I like using my bookshelves for pretty things.Thanks to your book reviews, I do use the ebook library for books you mention that I am interested in. I just hope when I am gone, someone takes over my Amazon account so the almost 2000 books I own on Kindle don't just disappear..


I know what you mean about independent book stores; there is one in Princeton I like a lot that I occasionally patronize. Most of what I read comes from the library. My husband is a reader too and if we both bought every (or even most), we wouldn't be able to do anything else. When I can't get a book from the library at all, or can't get it soon enough, then I buy it in either Kindle or book form. I buy all my quilting books because the library doesn't have those. When we are planning a trip, I take travel books out of the library then decide which is most useful and buy that one to take with us.


I only read ebooks. The primary reason is that I don’t want all those books around the house. I am trying to lessen my belongings rather than adding to them. Additionally, on my e reader, it makes it far easier (and lighter) when I travel and read. It allows me to read a sample of a book to see if it is something I might find interesting. I don’t read as much as you do Nicole, but I would prefer to not be paying $30 for a book.

Karen B

I mostly borrow books from the library or kindle unlimited. I usually buy quilting books but the longer I quilt I've tend to buy quilting history books instead of pattern books. Except for Lori Holt. I just buy all of her books. ;-)

Barbara Groeschell

I read about 50 books a year and almost all of them are on my Kindle. I love that it is light weight and easy to hold. I have improved my vocabulary and understanding by using the built in dictionary. The perfect lighting/brightness is never a problem. The ability to enlarge the type is almost a necessity for my eyes. The cost is less. I try to only get books that are on my list of want to read. I watch for them to be discounted on daily deals. I have bought many for less than $5.00. I have the ability to add the audible version and go back and forth between reading and listening. All this plus the fact that with the push of a button the book is in my hands.

On the other side, I do have similar concerns about Amazon but they are providing me with a product I love. I wish it were easier to share books with family and friends. I find it difficult to navigate back and forth or reread passages or refer to maps, lists etc….. but I love my Kindle!


I use my library. I go to Barnes and Noble (near me) and make notes of books that I wish to read and reserve at library. I also keep notes of everyone's read list. Love to read but books are so expensive and storage becomes a problem also. I prefer to use my $$ for fabric!!

Linda Kay Smith

Years ago, I bought my books, new or used, from local bookstores. As I am older and trying to down size a bit, I find I much prefer to use our library. I still check out some print books, but I mostly use Overdrive now to read books on my Kindle. I love it. I don't have to find space to store books and it's so easy to download and return e-books. I still have quite a few of my old favorite print books that I re-read over time but I've been able to weed things down, save space, and keep much loved books.

It's the best of both worlds for me.


Like you Nicole I love reading but I rarely buy a book. I am a library gal for reading and quilt books. Our library provides a service where you can suggest titles for purchase and they usually come through. Have a great weekend!

Dianne King

I'm a Kindle reader only, these days. Who needs more stuff?!! Occasionally I'll buy a new release from Amazon of the Kindle version, and occasionally from Book Bub. But the bulk of my reading now, and I read a lot, is via Libby, the easy-to-use on-line library offshoot of Overdrive. I love that I can waitlist a popular title there, and if it comes available too soon for me to read right away, I can ask for it to be delivered a couple of weeks later.


I love to read. A lot. I have gone over to a reader (Lenovo) that I read and also use for audio books. A friend talked me into trying our library. There can be a wait but I can always find something on the 'available now' list while others are on hold. I closed my Amazon account. Big tech is not doing any of us a favor. I do fine without them. Locally I don't have an independent book store so that isn't a choice. I rarely visit my library except on the reader but I appreciate having so many reads in my hands.


I live in a very rural area and the closest bookstore, which is not an independent one, is about two hours away. I use my e-reader almost exclusively to read since reading from a book strains my eyes at this point. But I have never purchased a book for the e-reader, I exclusively use the local public library and the NY public library (since I am a NY resident). I may have to wait for a bestseller but my list is long and I don't mind just getting on the wait list! I love the library!

Rebecca Ball

I read ALL books on my Kindle. In our library system, if you know a book is coming out, you can go ahead and suggest the book for purchase. That puts you high on the waiting list as well. I buy quilting books - or books with a lot of pictures (think train books) because of the pictures and directions. I'm not trying that on the Kindle. I have trouble with my hands and wrists, so using a Kindle propped up with a holder is the way to go for me. I need my hands to function when quilting, I can't wear them out holding a book, and I do read a LOT.


I usually read on my Kindle. My friend has a 'little library' book exchange in front of her home & if there's a book by an author I enjoy I'll borrow from there, too. Our small town has an independent bookstore that I buy both books & gifts from because I want to help her stay in business & she has a great inventory to shop.

Paulette Morgan

I tend to utilize my local library system as I like a physical book, not a screen. I do buy books for the younger people in my extended family every year for Christmas, and once in awhile, I will give a book as a gift and those I buy actual hardcover or paperback books either from my local bookseller or Amazon.


Craft books, quilting books by my favourite authors and books with patterns etc inside - I buy direct from publishers (Martingale and Search Press) I also get ebooks from Martingale since I am allowed to print them if I need to.
New release hardbacks by favourite authors - I buy from local shops or Amazon, wherever they are cheapest. I joined Amazon's Kindle unlimited for 6 months on offer at about £24 this lets me read books by great authors which are no longer in print, and by the time it expires I shall have read around 100 books. I prefer old fashioned detectives, and books written about 70 odd years ago,I won't pay Amazon more than about £1 per Kindle book. I also get books from charity shops. I do read a lot and my favourites get read many times each over the years. Some paperbacks have literally dropped to pieces and had to be replaced. I've always loved books and have hundreds.

Nancy L Buennemeyer

Fun to read everyone's comments!! I wish I was a better public library reader, but I'm erratic in time. Plus I read several at once over a period of time. I could never get them returned on time. I am pretty eclectic in my acquisitions. I have always had a LOT of books, because my daughter was an English major and I intended to keep both of us supplied. But she seldom had time to read what SHE wanted to, then her career didn't end up involving English... (I'm hearing the "What Do You Do With A BA In English" song from the musical Avenue Q! LOL) And our tastes are no longer the same. She wants escape and I want nonfiction and history. I have three bookcases of beautiful hardcover children's music related materials from my 35 years of teaching. Those were intended for grandchildren of which there are likely now not going to be any. I get books however, driven by cost, if I have the 'set', how much room and size - Kindle for those I don't want to be questioned on, or big honkers I don't want to juggle. I also am steward to my own Little Free Public Library, so I filter some out the door.

Sherri C

Our County library puts out a list of books coming soon and I picked up the March list Wednesday of this list.
I look up the book on the author's website and decide if I want to read it. If I like it I go on the library website and request it. Since I am reading large print books because of an eye issue, I can get get the new books (that they ordered in large print) pretty quickly.

I put a request in on the new C.J.Box book "Shadow Reel" and I am second on the list.

The County library branch is about 10 miles from our house and is located in space at a high school. Just learned the library is not having their lease renewed so don't know where it will be moved to, hopefully not too far away.


As we do not have any independent book stores in our area, I mostly buy from Amazon or borrow from the Library. The Library has been really good about getting the latest books in if you make a request.

Barbara Stratton

In the past I have bought many books. I was given a Kindle last year and I love it. Then I was introduced to the Libby app. It has been amazing. I use it with my kindle and for audio books. I recently discovered Hoopla and it has even more options. I have found if you place a hold you will get the book a lot quicker than it states. I have not bought any books so far this year- except quilt books! I love your book recommendations- I keep at list of ones that I think I will enjoy reading. I hope you never stop giving the book reviews!!

Marion van de Sande

Here in Holland bookprices are fixed for that purpose. This means that books have the same price if you buy them online or in a local bookstore. Very good in this case I think.


I belong to a website called NetGalley. You can request books before they are published and get them as Kindle files. In return you leave a short review. The books are free and you may not be approved for everything but I don't get rejected too often. I also have publishers who have pre-approved me, so everything they publish i can read right away. I also have some authors that email me galleys. It's a great way to read for free, especially if you're writing reviews anyway!

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