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March 23, 2022



My sister-in-law just discovered embroidered blocks of all 50 states. Circa 1960s? I would be happy to send them to you for Eva's education. They denote their date of admission and place. 1-50. I feel an unexpected project coming on. But if they are at your house.....

sue s

So here I am, changing my mind and deciding I WILL do MH4. I have a bunch of 1800 repros that I will use, including 2 partial fat 1/8ths, so here I go!
Great way to learn the states1 When our kids were young we bought a globe which got used a lot. However, it eventually was so out of date that we got rid of it.


The state quilt blocks that Carole mentioned above would be fun for Eva & you to do together! Look at us...trying to add one more project to your sewing basket! When it comes time for her to write a report on a specific state I'll bet you have readers who can send Chamber of Commerce brochures for Eva to use! And, yes! New Jersey has always been The Garden State!

Beth F

Love your blocks! Check out the US quilt from Flamingo Toes, this has been a favorite of mine but so far is not on my list of quilts to make. I'm not sure it's your style but it is fun to look at!


I live near Trenton. We still have The Garden State on our car license plates, though anyone driving through NJ on the turnpike could be forgiven for thinking the description is meant as a joke as the turnpike is lined with refineries and other heavy industry. You have to leave the highways to find the "gardens."


I grew up in New Jersey and have lived in 3 other states since then. NJ most certainly is full of diners, and I miss that about it. Being able to eat breakfast foods at any time of day and knowing the menu is big enough that everyone can find something they like are some of the best things about diners!

Faye Wiggins

I'd like join the m MH4 blocks.

Maureen McComas

From this Jersey girl.....there are diners everywhere!!

Lynette Caulkins

These are really neat blocks!

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