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March 14, 2022



I'm ready for Spring, but it's not quite ready for us! We had temperatures below zero two nights last week, so we've got a ways to go. Cute shoes & tops! And, of course, Ozzie is his always-adorable self even if he's extra fuzzy & snuggled in his bed! Have a good week!


New faucets are on the list here, but they will happen with the remodel that's a few months away. I confess, ours have no fun surprises for guests like yours. I feel like a deficient hostess. LOL

But you're certainly going to look like spring. Why not put a daffodil reminder on your calendar for later this year when it would be time to plant them? Happy Monday!


those pointy shoes are adorable! I don't think my wide feet can wear pointy shoes...I am old. ;p

we are in puppyville here. we brought home our new Malamute puppy 2 weeks ago. he is adorable. we've never had a puppy. we've always adopted Malamutes from a rescue group.

thankfully, the weather is nice so we can spend the day out in the backyard with him able to run around and explore.


you can switch the hot and cold under the sink so that the faucet will give you the temperature you are expecting.
(ie, if hot is currently foreword, switch lines and it will become cold foreword.)
super simple. you can diy.

Name*Taria Wilson

I have the second faucet you show but with a side sprayer and a different finish. I love it but the side spray has gone out 3 times. Moen stands behind their products and has sent new sprayers that DH installed. The first time that thing sprayed me I was not happy a bit! Foks that enjoy cooking need a good kitchen to work in. Yours looks very pretty.


I have a faucet with only one handle and I hate it. I need a definite hot or cold. The first green top is exactly one I would pick. I love things that you slip on and never to adjust,tug it tuck and forget about it when you are wearing it….. expecting a rare fifty degree day today. The walkers will all be out today!


I recognize the green shirts from Cabi. I am going to a Cabi party at the end of the month and that is sure to get thinking about my spring/summer wardrobe.

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