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April 26, 2022



You have a wonderful sewing set up. I do too but mine needs tidying up too. Maybe I will follow your example.

sue s

I enjoy seeing how others set up their space. My sewing room is a little too full now,(too many WIPs!!) and I've had to move some things to another bedroom. I use the beds in both unoccupied bedrooms as design "walls" as there is no wall space in the sewing room. I would have more room if I didn't have 3 sewing machines in there, but I use them all!

Name Taria

Great sewing room. I like your new storage. I was glad to hear about your dad yesterday. How lucky he is to have his girls helping him.


Your sewing room is so inviting with lots of storage space! I use FQS often & their service is top notch. If there's a mistake (rarely) they own it & make it good immediately. Glad you found your ruler!

Lisa D.

I absolutely LOVE a good sewing room clean out. Your space looks very inviting - everything in its place. Great blocks for this week!

Mary Kastner

Your sewing room looks great! Now to keep it that way….
Good luck!


Your sewing room is so nice. Too bad I can't say the same! Could you tell us about your sewing chair? I'm in the market for a new one. Thanks.


I love your sewing room set up. And the little table next to your machine is genius! I will have to look for a little table to do the same thing. It's always a hassle to get up every time I need to press one little thing.


I really like FQS but I had the opposite experience. I called to add something to an order that was already over $200. I was told 'they are busy and can not do that'. :( really really rude about it too. The order also took forever and we weren't in covid drama yet.

your sewing room looks wonderful. My needs a massive clean-up. it really is more fun to sew in an organized space. enjoy the lovely weather.

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