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April 28, 2022


Peggie Riccio

Good Morning, Nicole-I am with you on the Rowenta's...I have had two in my past and they have left the building. I really don't know why I allowed a second one in! Give me the old reliable $40 Sunbeams, Black and Deckers, T-Fals, etc. I, too must have steam. I also love the feature of 'stopping' if it doesn't feel movement. Mine stops at around 7 minutes, which is fast, but if I know the time is almost up and I'm not ready to press something, a simple 'visit' to the ironing board to swipe it across will bring the life back. I really do try to do this, rather than having it keep stopping. Yes, it would be much better if it waited 10 minutes, but what the hey. The only issue I have with my current Black and Decker is that the dial is very hard to turn, otherwise, I am very happy. These cheaper models last me (and I am using it constantly) around 2-3 years. Have a great day! I love your blocks, and your sewing room, too...I need incentive to attack mine before it gets me!


I also had one of those expensive irons. It ruined more blocks than I want to think about before I threw it away. My husband was shocked that I threw it out. No more Rowenta for me, I bought and inexpensive iron that does not shut off, it hit quickly and steams, I am much more satisfied.


I love my Oliso, which a professional dressmaker friend of mine recommended. I love it.


Thanks for the Moda Block Heads reminder. I have copied out all the patterns thus far....As for irons: I use Black & Decker irons bought at Walmart. I've thought about tracking how long one of them lasts before burning out but I keep forgetting. Maybe eight months? I buy two at a time so that I'll have a backup. I am in a quandary about disposing of them, though -- are they "electronics" (one recycling bin) or "appliances" (another recycling bin)?


The purple Black & Decker from Walmart is my go-to. It gets h.o.t. & has lots of 2 main requirements besides not 'spitting' gunky water on my fabric! Yes, it has the automatic shut-off after several minutes, but as Peggie commented above, a quick swipe on the ironing board brings it back to life. I use mine everyday & they seem to have at least a couple of years of life in them. Rather than leaking, my experience is they just stop heating when they give out.


my rowenta is not the gold plated version, but i had the same problem. i contacted rowenta, and they were wonderful. (no, i had no proof of purchase besides the date i ordered on amazon). they replaced the iron after sending in for repairs. i absolutely LOVE this iron and am willing to give it another try. i will be vigilant about emptying when not in use.
ps. my first rowenta lasted over 10 years !!

Margaret Scott

Try your iron with bottled spring water or half distilled and tap water. I had the staining problem with two irons. Changing the type of water solved the problem. I use an Oliso as my arthritis doesn’t like me to constantly tilt the iron up.


omg. that iron. I'm really sorry. :(


I too am looking for a iron with the same requirements. Looking forward to see what your commenters have to say.

Carol L

I have a Sunbeam Steam master that came from Wal Mart 10 years ago. Use only distilled water in it. It has auto shut off also. It is lite and does not spit water out. Will buy another, someday..

Beth F

I feel your iron pain! I had a steam station recommended on the Primitive Gatherings but it quit after several years. I now have a Beautural iron that my husband got from Amazon and it has been wonderful! It was pretty cheap and the only thing I don't like about it is the automatic shut off, that gets annoying. It also uses a lot of water and I buy distilled, I don't care what they say, our hard, iron-filled water was the demise of the steam station so I'm only using bottled from now on. Anyway, you might give it a try!


I have an Oliso and love, love it. Not cheap but has good steam, and stays on for about 30 minutes before shutting off. The big pay off is that my shoulder pain is gone due to not having to lift the iron upright when not in use.

Gloria Y

I no longer buy Rowenta irons for the same problem. I use an older (vintage) GE travel iron that belonged to my Mother. It gets so hot and never turns off! In fact, I like it so much, I ordered another one, as a backup, off Ebay!

I don't use steam but this iron has that ability.


Absolutely love my olisio. Will not go back. Only problem I’ve encountered was that my habits, not needing to stand it up, made me scorch an ironing board cover at a workshop with a traditional iron.

Maureen McComas

I have had 3 Rowentas. The 1st one lasted over 10 years without a problem before I had to replace it. The 2nd one started leaking after about 1 month. I thought maybe it was because the 1st one was made in Germany, the next one was made in China. I went ahead and bought a 3rd one, made in Germany. It was leaked as I was bringing it from the ironing board to my counter, all OVER my thigh and leg. That went right in the garbage and got a Sunbeam from Target. My nephew is still using his Sunbeam that my sister bought him when he entered the USAF (14 years ago) and he uses it almost daily.

Denise in PA

I feel your pain about the iron! It seems as if the more expensive the iron, the more issues you have with it! I don't think what you are asking of an iron is in any way out of bounds! Grrrr.


I have that same $#%@$%&& iron. I do not put water in it. I use a spray bottle with starch (StaFlo 50:50).

I also use and recommend the teflon coated sheets as pressing cloths. These things work great because they conduct heat so well. Further, they provide a protective barrier that allows your iron to glide across the block without ANY distortion.

I cut these sheets into various sizes. They come in bronze and white. The white is easier to see through. These are cheaper than Goddess sheets. They are indispensable in working with fusibles.

Ellen in Oregon

Hi Nicole - I too have become anti-Rowenta after buying 3 very expensive models that all ended up leaking, melted the cords and died tragic deaths. I recently bought a Chi Professional iron for a mear $62 and it is my dream iron come true. It heats up (1700 watts) and can produce steam in about 1 min., never leaks, has a big water chamber and flashes after 30 mins without use. Just tip it and your set to go again. Chi who manufacturers this iron normally makes hair style electronics, but they make a fantastic enjoyable (yes, enjoyable) iron perfect for quilters. I will never go back to Rowenta or allow one in my sewing room again. It's on Amazon and at Walmart.
Thanks for the tips on the pressing sheets and Stay-Flow and will give it a try.

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