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May 19, 2022


T Holzer

I love seeing what others sew with and what works for you! I've bought 3 different triangle papers and I haven't yet used one, but I don't know why I haven't given them a try?!? One of my favourite new rulers is the Folded Corner clipper by Crative Grids. It makes perfect HSTs!

R Kennedy

I can't make a quilt any more without my clappers. I have 2 made of wood but I also use my wool pressing mats as clappers instead of using them to press on. It isn't the weight, it's the materials ability to pull the heat out of the seam you just pressed.


Lots of good tips here. I haven't tried a clapper but am thinking I better get one.


Your sewing tool posts are always helpful & I've gotten several things that you've recommended. I use my Creative Grids Itty Bitty Eighths rulers quite often. And, I hate drawing lines & sewing 2 rows on either side for HST's so Doug Leko's Simple Folded Corner rulers have become my go-to. M&M's are also high on my list of helpful quilting items!


oh, yes! I love to hear about helpful tools. I love the bloc-loc rulers.


Your tool use descriptions and evaluations are very clear and I appreciate your comments. Thanks

Patty McDonald in Southern California

I enjoyed seeing your techniques and assisted tools for quilting. It opens my thought process up to using new products. The spray starch I use is Best Press. The lavender smell is very soft and doesn't offend my nose. Also, those Thangles seem to multiply! I'm still trying to use all mine.
P.S. Read Into The Jungle and loved it!! Ever since I read River of Doubt, I've been hooked on Amazon Jungle type books. I did read Love & Saffron and thought it was okay. Probably because my regular reads are mystery and adventure. Look forward to more book reviews.


I appreciate your sharing all your sewing goodies. I don't have too many real specific rulers and really need to replace a lot of my worn basic ones. Looks like they really work though. Your blocks are really well done. I do have one of the wool mats. It seems to make a bit of a difference pressing. I use a really old small GE travel iron that has no shut off and only uses 700 watts to get really hot. That new iron of yours looks like something I might need! I make my own starch from a big jug of StaFlo also from Walmart.

Quilter Kathy

Fun to see your faves... I love the BlocLoc rulers also. Haven't tried a clapper yet...


Taria- Would you be so kind to tell me how you make your own starch. Having trouble getting the different ones. Thanks . Mikki aka


I like a trim tool from Quilt in a Day for HST. You line the marking on the seam while still a triangle and trim the two sides. Cut the wings of the seam allowance and when you open it up you have your square.

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