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May 09, 2022


sue s

Looks like Eva is going to be a tall young lady! I think your bat is cuter than the designer's. Her wings look out of proportion. Last year I made the It's Sew Emma Halloween quilt from the previous year and it has the same large bat.

Becky Turner

I saw the bat block setting on the doily and was trying to figure out how you inset the block into the doily...
I even had an idea on how to use it that way... then I took a real close look and saw my mistake!!

Still a neat block but so Goth set into a bit of lace don't you think?

Dona Zarosinski

What a fun experience for your Eva! I think the end of the school year is busier than the Christmas holidays…plays, concerts, team parties, auctions…makes me tired all over again! Good job, Gran!


Eva looks like she's enjoying her part in the school play! Following on the 'tall' comment above, I think your blog will have a fun collection of photos of Eva from the very beginning of her life once she's grown up! The lace background is perfect for that bat! Maybe you could find fabric with a lace motif?

Mary Kastner

Your bat is great, Eva looks so dang cute! Have a great week,


Eva is cute as a button! Sounds like you had a busy but enjoyable weekend!
Love the bat!


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