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May 16, 2022


Dona Zarosinski

I love this color combo…very fun.


What is the model number of the Chi iron?


What is the model number of the Chi iron?


I'm glad you found a new iron! Cheers to years of service without any water 'spitting'! Your blocks look really nice!


oh, I hope the iron works out. I need a new one. mine is spitting muck. I'm going to try the technique of emptying the water after I sew. I thought that was a practical tip. ;p

Shelley Bourne

I have just replaced my Chi iron, which I did really like, but it began to leak out the bottom after 2 years.


I bought two Rowenta irons back in the day they were made in Germany still. They are the best. Never an issue with water sputtering or dripping. I used my first one to death for about ten years. One day it decided it had enough and would not heat up-sad day. Now, I'm on number two. So far, so good. Let us know about your new iron for future reference!

Robin B

I love my CHI iron! It’s the best one I’ve had yet

Cheree Hull

I went through a similar thing with Rowenta. I loved it but I got tired of spending so much--though now I'm resigned to thinking that irons only last a year or two for quilters. Mine is on almost daily for 6+ hours so I guess that's just what happens. I moved to the CHI a few years ago--$65 at Target. Plenty of steam holes and a 30 min auto-off (I can NOT have the thing shutting off after 5 or 10 mins!), I think it's totally great and if it breaks (and one already has), it doesn't break ME to buy a new one! I'd still get a Rowenta if they still had one that didn't have the auto shut-off (stopped making them) but I guess the CHI just makes more sense.

Liz A.

I’m on my 2nd Chi iron in 8 years. The one thing I’ve found with any iron — I use 1/2 distilled/1/2 tap water. I’ve found this stops the brown gunk from spitting out that I’ve had with every other iron I’ve used. I’ve stained far too many items — once I started the 1/2 & 1/2 mixture no more brown spitting.

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