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May 27, 2022



Your little strawberries are super cute! 🍓 The uncooperative oven would be frustrating on a regular day, but extra maddening when you're trying to bake a special treat! The coffee cake looks like Eva's close monitoring paid off! Have a great Memorial Day weekend at your dad's!

Sandy Carlson

So glad I paused to read your blog on Friday! I had been craving coffee cake, but my file folder of favorite recipes is in a box in storage. I was unsuccessfully searching my email to see if I had emailed a link to myself when I took a break to check out your blog! It was delicious! I baked it in a round pan, and it required a longer cooking time, but like your oven, I think that was more the issue than the pan shape. I will be keeping this recipe to make again! Thanks for sharing!

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