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May 03, 2022



Patric Richardson has a delightful program on Discovery+ called The Laundry Guy


Those bocks are looking wonderful. I love Bear Paws. Can't wait to see your finished quilt. I have no problem with laundry. You get a real result with that basket of clean clothes. I think part of it is I love fabric. Touching it, sewing it, just folding it. Go figure? I am enjoying seeing you get these blocks done. Keep at it.


I don't hate doing laundry, but I DO have 'rules'! Wash by color; dry by weight. It drives my husband crazy, but it works for me! I've threatened to do a cross-stitch with it to hang in the laundry room!


those blocks are beautiful!

Denise in PA

I'm going to read the laundry book - thank you! It reminds me of a lovely little book I have called How to Wash the Dishes by Peter Miller. Yes, books like these can be life changing!


I agree completely about Laundry Love. Life changing. I checked it out at the library three times then bought it so I can now mark it up to my heart’s desire. Plus it’s just plain fun/funny to read.


I'm wondering why you starch your fabric before sewing? I use starch, at times, for applique, but what is the reason for general piecing? Thanks for letting me know!


Great idea to make only 6" Summer Moon blocks - I started the quilt during the original sewalong and stalled after a few months.

Here is Australia we mostly hang our washing outside to dry. Nothing like fresh, sun-dried clothes.


Laundry is not a chore that I dread. I find folding laundry (and watching whatever show I choose) to be immensely relaxing. I have had a laundry folding board which makes folding T shirts (manifold at my home) easy. They fold compactly, lay flat in perfect little parcels.

In fact, any "dreaded chore" can be turned into an exercise in mindfulness (meaning turning off my entertainment). Being present in the moment, tuning everything out and getting 'er done.

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