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May 12, 2022



Thank you for the math in the flying geese. Two residual problems of stroke are spelling and math. I have already cut the fabric for the half square triangles but may use the geese anyway. I do like the block.


Your geese make a pretty block using those colors. You've been busy for not feeling up to par! Happy birthday Sara!

sue s

I see other people using geese too. I plan to also. The Paris Apartment has been getting a lot of coverage. I'll get my name on the library list!


Clever way to change the way you piece the block. Happy birthday Sara!

Lisa D.

I like your block with flying geese a lot! Fewer seams is always a plus. Please wish Sara a happy birthday from me!


happy bday Sara! oh, dear. you're sick. Covid? my husband has been sick for a week. home test for Covid was negative. I'm pretty sure it was a false negative. :(

I hope you feel better very soon.


20+ years ago, at the height of John Grishams popularity, I was part of a book club. I had already read the book, but it was part of the book club selections so I just put it on the shelf. Told my room mates to feel free to read my books as I left for vacation. When I returned, she showed me the book - 2/3 through, just as the excitement was building, the book went back to page 1. She was so upset she couldn't finish the book! The club replaced the book, but by then she had to start over.


Hi again from Australia. I have just finished a book that I would like to recommend to you. I loved it. It’s written by Kate Thompson and its title is- the little wartime library. Set in Great Britain and I’ll say no more. I’m hoping you’ll love it too

Sherrie Olson

Thank you! Like you, I take the easier step to getting it done.

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