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May 31, 2022



I took my grandkids to Panera, and I felt the same you did. Ridiculous! Next time I go, it'll be for the sugar cookie only.

Peggie Riccio

Good morning, Nicole-Oh, you brought me right back to my childhood days with the rompers. Eva looks adorable in hers. I wore rompers at the ages of probably 7-9. After that, I got a little too big in the wrong places to pull it off after that! But when I had them, my Mom always seemed to find them in Seersucker material-pretty blues, yellows, and a delicate pink. I loved them, and seersucker material seemed to keep me cool on very hot days. Paired with little white sandals, I always thought I looked great! Happy memories!


Eva is at a perfect age, how much fun you two have, I'm thrilled for you both. Your Dad must have been so happy to see all you girls.

I picked up lunch at Panera over the weekend, I've always thought they were pricey but the food good, so a nice treat. Not this weekend, we will not be going back, the food was horrible, no longer worth the price, no longer a treat. Did someone buy them out? What happened?

I'm dawdling in my sewing room, I need to get with it, your blocks look amazing.

sue s

My daughter worked at Panera for years so we ate there a lot. Pricey it's true, but we enjoyed the food. Been over a year since our last visit so I don't know how it is now.
My sisters and I wore rompers all through our girl years. I too remember the seersucker ones.
We had a lovely weekend out on the lake and picnicking with friends. Eva is such a lovely girl!


Those blocks are perfect for a diagonal setting! Your long weekend with family topped off with a movie sounds great! Eva's romper is adorable & she looks pleased with it! We don't have Panera here. That's disappointing to hear so many bad reviews because we usually eat there a couple of times when I visit my sister in Florida.


those blocks are beautiful!


I used to really like Panera, but have been unhappy with them for quite some time. The prices everywhere are getting ridiculous. We stopped at Dairy Queen (before going to Downton Abbey) and a medium sundae and small blizzard was $10. I kind of feel that the high prices are really going to effect their business.


My daughter brought me to the new Downton Abbey film at the weekend as my birthday's coming up. She's not a fan but knows that I am. And (spoiler alerrt), I was brave during the death scene but the sadness and solmnity of the funeral broke me. Luckily, she also provided me with tissues😁.

Sandy Carlson

I had the same thoughts on Panera - higher prices for smaller portions. Willing to pay more for quality, but unfortunately, that has gone down as well. Thought it was just here in Portland, where the restaurants have still had staffing problems.
I also had a few sniffles at the end of Downton movie. Good movie, glad I went.

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