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June 20, 2022



I have also noticed that a couple of quilt alongs haven’t received much publicity, which has definitely affected my motivation! Not as fun, for sure.

It’s chilly at my house in Massachusetts! Temps went down to 44° last night, which is highly unusual for this time of the year. The high yesterday was only 62° as well, so it’s been cool. The warm water in our pool has been evaporating significantly at night, plus we haven’t been swimming much because it isn’t hot outside. Sooo, it’s been weird here. Tomorrow is my kids' last day of school, and then I guess we shall see what weather arrives when summer camp starts next week!


I haven't participated in any monthly sew-alongs, but I can understand how not hearing from the 'sponsors' would be uninspiring.
If you've seen the news about flooding in the Yellowstone area, you know about our crazy weather. Yellowstone tourism is what keeps these small towns alive & many weren't as fortunate as ours'. Limited opening of YNP will have a huge economic impact on the area trying to recover from flood damage. That's the weather report from here...


I really love the retro look of the Flea Market Fancy basket.

I'm glad you had a lovely weekend with the men in your life.

By chance, is your flight to Ireland a direct flight? I was watching the news yesterday and people with connecting flights are having a hell of a time. Covid has caused staffing shortages. :(


Your sewing mojo is amazing, and I wish contagious, lol. I've put my Blockheads blocks in a project box, I've lost interest in the project but still enjoy seeing everyone else's blocks, there have been some amazing takes on a few of the patterns, more creativity by participants than by the original block designers in my opinion. I love everything on your design wall.


I know exactly what you mean. In March 2021, I joined two 12-block BOM projects. In March 2022 - a full year later - the 8th block was finally released. Since then...nothing. And, there might be a great reason why, but that should have been communicated. I'm done with both projects, and I will not follow this designer anymore. I'm working on July 4th decor for my four children and making quilts for my eight grandchildren, so I'm keeping plenty busy without the BOM projects!


You are doing a great job keeping up!


I think the sponsors of these sew-a-longs rely very much on having MANY people posting…. There are now so many stitch-a-longs, and Lori Holt in particular has overexposed herself with too many beautiful quilts. So not enough people stitching along to make it worth it for the designer to give it attention. Except for you, who DOES IT ALL! Xoxo

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