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June 29, 2022



Wow - hard to believe. I have the less costly Rowenta Pro Master & so far (a few years in), it seems fine.

Thanks for the honest review & photo

Mary Kastner

That totally sucks Nicole. So sorry😬


Debi Bacon

I've suffered through Rowentas for many years now, even buying two for my guild retreats. I've stuck to only those manufactured in Germany (all higher priced than those manufactured in Mexico) and they all leak. So I just ordered this from Amazon. Just like the books I read because you suggest them, I'm counting on you to make this iron my new, non-leak iron. Thank you for the review.


Did you complain to the company? Maybe it’s defective.

Karen Seemuth

I think you need to buy a CHI for the laundry room.

I have had several Rowena irons and they all leaked. When I had to replace the most recent one, I went to one of the big fabric stores and they didn’t have any Rowenta irons! I bought a Singer. I didn’t even know they made irons. So far, so good.


One of the live sales I watch from a local quilt store frequently remarks on the virtues of the CHI iron. Less money too.


I spent a fortune on a Rowenta many years ago and absolutely hated it. Decided I would never buy one again. I struggled with it until one of the cats knocked it off the ironing board and it broke. I bought a cheap Black and Decker and have been using it for close to 10 years and I love it, have never had an issue! When I contacted Rowenta about my old iron I didn't get any help, it was something that I was doing according to them. Well, they didn't and won't get my business again!

Lisa Stack

I feel your pain! I bought the big expensive Rowenta steam station and now that it's over 2 years old, it won't heat up to produce the steam consistently. Sometimes it will, and then it won't. It also gives me a little shock at times. Of course no warranty coverage at this point. I, too, made sure to get one made in Germany, followed the care instructions carefully, and despite all these efforts it was a big waste of money. I don't understand why they can't make a decent iron.

Sandra Evenson Hagen

Nothing more irritating than a leaky iron. I hope you have better luck with the Chi. I’m seeing more of that brand. I had terrible leaking with my Rowena steam station. No support from customer service at all. If it’s not within 1 year, with receipt and original packaging you are totally out of luck.


Rowenta got one chance with me & it failed! I'm happy with B&D irons from Walmart--hot & steamy are my criteria along with NO leaking or spitting! Hope you're enjoying your getaway in cooler country!


I did have a good Rowenta years ago. If I remember right the last Rowenta I bought at Costco. It started spitting and I returned it. I too wonder why they can't make a good iron.

sue s

My hubby took apart our Rowenta just out of curiosity (and because that's what he does with things-some day I'll tell you about our new dishwasher) as I was ready to throw it against the wall. He claims it has to do with the water chamber and there's some mastic tape which gives up and allows leakage. At any rate, it went into the garbage and now I have a new Black & Decker and so far, so good.


I have this same model of Rowenta and mine started leaking too. Now I use it dry and have a spray bottle of water. Not ideal!

Patti McConnell

I have a $30 Rowenta from Walmart that works well, but I don't put water in it, I use a squirt bottle. Good to know I probably never will now!


Bought an expensive Rowenta several years ago. It started shorting out the electricity when I plugged it in and turned it on. I gave up and went back to my old iron. I'll ever buy another Rowenta. I hate wasting money I could be spending on fabric! 😒


Have been there and that is specifically why I've stopped using the steam feature on my iron and use a fine mist sprayer recommended by a lot of quilt shops...always a fine mist and never a blobby drip.


I’ve had the best of luck using a cheap iron from Walmart. Isn’t it funny how the low-tech things sometimes work the best? Good luck with the new iron!

Bev Tyner

I had that problem with the previous 2 or 3 Rowenta irons I have purchased. So I asked the Rowenta people, "Am I the only one having this problem?" You must not use distilled water when you want to use the steam to iron. You are supposed to use tap water. But, I later discovered by trial and error, my water softener system played a big part in the leaking iron syndrome of my Rowenta irons. I now use only bottled drinking water when I want steam to iron and I don't seam to have that problem anymore.

Linda townsend

I have had some of the worst luck with Rowena irons. Very disappointing.

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Same with the last Rowenta I bought. I am now using a $10 Black and Decker that I bought at Walmart.

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