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June 09, 2022



Ok you have to explain how you read so many books and do so much sewing!😂 Always love your book reviews but tell us which ones you abandoned half way also! Going to the library today!


Lessons In Chemistry is now going on my to-read list. Thanks for the great reviews, as always! I know writing them is time that you could spend sewing & it's appreciated!

sue s

We are leaving on an Alaskan cruise in 3 weeks- so anything related looks good and I'll have to look up the Greta James book!


I, too, no longer require myself to finish a book that is slow going for me. So many books, so little time, is what I believe at this point in my life. Which, I guess, is what I also need to believe about all the ageing quilt fabric that is in my stash. Time to "let it go"!

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