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June 21, 2022



Happy Birthday Ozzie!!! As cute as ever! I can’t believe your sew alongs Nicole! Good job!


I have always loved Ozzie & his mischief! Happy birthday to the 'King of Scamps!' 🐶🎂 Your blocks look great, but I don't know about the Darting Birds one...just doesn't speak to me, I guess.


ozzie! stay cool!

Jean Thut

Happy Birthday, Ozzie!! I hope you are still not eating mommy’s shoes❤️

Patty McDonald

I enjoy seeing your progress on your quilt.
Happy 15th Birthday Ozzie! That's such a cute name for an adorable boy.

Leota Krantz

Ozzie is so cute. How could you not love that face.


Love your blocks and Ozzie! My favorite of him was when he got into your bra🤣 he’s so funny!


Oh my goodness, happy birthday to Ozzie! Hope he was a good boy and got some extra love and snuggles.

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