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June 13, 2022



I vote for squirrelly girl! What a fun quilt this would be for fall!


What feeling are you after? A more muted, softer, subdued feeling, or a bolder, more striking feeling? Either fabric selection would make up into a marvelous quilt, so it’s probably a win/win situation.


I vote for squirrelly girl. I think the other doesn't have enough contrast. Just my opinion.


Urban chicks!!!


I'm thinking along the same lines as Margaret - one creates a softer look and the other a bolder look. Also, Squirrelly Girl is already a jelly roll, so it is ready to go.



Urban chicks has more interesting colors.

T Holzer

Oh this is hard! I'm scared that the Kitty Corn has too much pattern in it for the squares in the quilt pattern. If you use the Squirrelly, I'd make sure to use a very quiet background...a solid or tone on tone. There's my 2 cents, Nicole. I'm excited to hear what you decide to go with!


Just looked at the swatch pages for both lines on the Moda website. My vote is kitty Corn as it mimics the quilt in the book.
What a fun project!

sue s

I'm wondering if squirrelly girl might be too matchy-matchy. Kitty corn is adorable and you could get good contrasts I think.


Oh…both are nice but do like the “squirrels girl” and already in strips! Guess it is personal choice!


I have done quilts using both fabric lines and I think there is more contrast with the Kitty Corn fabrics. Let us know which you choose!!

Sandra Evenson-Hagen

What a hard decision! Love the Squirrelly Girl fabric for a very soft version. The Kitty Corn would definitely be closer to the pictured quilt. I would go with Squirrly Girl, love that fabric!

Mary Kastner

Both are wonderful and I am voting squirrelly girl:



I think it probably boils down to personal preference between the two! You like them both & won't go wrong with either one...but my vote would be for Kitty Corn because of the contrast factor. It will be fun to follow along on your progress!


Kitty Corn! and if you don't like it when it's done just send it to me? ;p


Hi from Australia, going for urban chicks as has more green, and would say add more green! But, do both then you have an autumn thanksgiving one and then a fresh spring one


Kitty Corn. I like the blacks with the softer colors.

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