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June 08, 2022



I always appreciate your book reviews. I make a list of what appeals to me and then head to my library. Thank you for the time it takes to do this for your readers!

sue s

Yes, I do appreciate the reviews also.
Love that complex block! I'm doing the Moda Blockheads 4 and just spent 3 days working on 2 unexpectedly complex blocks. Tough, but it felt good to get them done!


Yes, thank you for your book reviews! I find books that I might otherwise never have heard about. Enjoy those smoothies!


Blueberries & peaches would add some nice flavor to those smoothies! You know that Eva will eventually discover that! Your book reviews are very professionally written & your readers definitely benefit by reading them! Thanks for taking the time to put them together!


I appreciate your book reviews. They have led me to some good reads. Thank you for doing that when you have the time. Great looking block there. Eva sure is growing up. She is beautiful and lucky to spend time with you!


I love your book reviews. I get most of my TBRs from you and Modern Mrs Darcy. So thank you for your work.

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