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July 14, 2022


Linda Kay Smith

Thank you for sharing this tip and the outcome when comparing pressed open and pressed to the side. I prefer pressing to the side so this confirms my observations.


Pressing to the side going opposite directions is my preference, too. Joining them with fork pins is also a 'trick' I learned from your blog. Seams match up pretty perfectly every time! It looks like you're having a busy week sewing!


pressing seams open is tedious!

sue s

I agree with your approach. I have an old wallpaper seam roller that I use for pressing to keep moving on with simple sewing. I do more open seams with triangles and geese pieces. I know Lori Holt sells a sewing version of the roller that works the same.


I press to the side. That makes seams easier to nest. To me it is also faster.
I often wonder if open seams started when someone said to press the pieces open and someone (with a dress making background) pressed the seam open rather than to the side as originally instructed.


I do the same, use a wooden presser at the sewing machine and nest the seams. I really dislike pressing seams open.

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