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August 01, 2022



I made the Loose Change quilt from Civil War fabrics after I was inspired by yours. It has become one of my most favorite quilts. So much so that I plan to make it with low-volume prints for a graduation quilt for my granddaughter.

I get so many good ideas from your quilting. The Stars and Baskets quilt is calling my name now.


My bed size quilts are folded and stored in old pillowcases under the bed. I rotate between them but usually have one in mind to use next and just rummage around, down on my hands and knees, until I find it. My smaller ones are stored in an armoire that used to hold a TV. I fold them on the bias (to prevent fold lines) and try to remember what the backing fabric is on each one so I don't have to rummage too much among them. I do occasionally unearth an older "surprise."

Nancy, Near Philadelphia

LOVE the baskets and stars quilt!

Nancy B

Love them both. I’m envious of your peaceful looking bedroom. Sadly I seldom put my quilts on beds. People in my household, including some regular guests, tend to flop down to read and nap. I don’t think they’d last under the wear and tear.


The quilts I seem to forget about are those gifted but once in awhile I'll come across one here in the house. It has been over a 100 forever it seems down here in the high desert. It will sound gross, and it is, but I change the bed quilt when the cat throws a hairball on it. Yuck. Right now I have the floral double wedding ring made for my folks 50th anniversary. My daughter has a bunch of my quilts and it is fun to go to her house and see them on the beds and walls. She and DH are my cheerleaders. Hope you get some quilting time this week. Sure beats getting out in the heat.

sue s

I have 3 beds and a livingroom couch on which to rotate quilts. I seem to be accumulating enough "seasonal" ones I can change them out. I also have monthly/seasonal wallhangings I put up on the fireplace on a rotating basis. All quilts are in blanket bags in several closets so it's always a hunt. Better system needed here!


I have plain covers on my beds, then put lap size or larger quilts on top of that. Sometimes I’ll fold a quilt and have it in the bottom end of the bed. Then I’m not so limited by size, and can use a larger variety of quilts. Especially now that don’t really want to make giant quilts anymore.


I definitely switch my table runners & toppers seasonally. I tend to place quilts folded on the foot of beds. Your rediscovered treasures are beautiful! Have a great week!

Mary Kastner

Love your quilts. Think I will start a new nine patch inspired by you ! They are my favorite and so fun to do: have a good week Nicole.


those are both such beautiful quilts! you really should have the lap-sized quilts out too. stack them on couches, ottomans, or hang them. mine are in stacks on a blanket chest. I also have 3 quilt ladders.

Bonnie Evans

Would you please share the name of the basket and stars quilt? Thanks!

Karen Likens

I find I like my quilts better if I put them away for awhile.

Jody Randall

I use a white whole cloth quilt on our bed and hang quilts behind it. I change them up mostly by season but do have a few holiday that I use too. I like doing this as lap size quilts work best. By dong this I can change up every month or two and changes up our bedroom with little effort.


I switch my quilts about on the bed. Darker colours in winter, a bit brighter in summer. Although as I use one as a headboard on our metal frame bed, and fold others over the footrail, it can just vary as to how I feel! The rest are folded or rolled in a cupboard, and I alternate how I store them each time they are used.
Oddly, though, downstairs lap quilts don't vary. There is a pile on my footstool to raise it to the right height to put my feet up, roughly in colours which go with the decor, although husband has his modern steampunk quilt on his chair. Quilts in my house are made to be used and washed when required.
Youngest is the only child still at home and has umpteen quilts in her room, usually in a pile on the floor and she just pulls whichever she fancies when she needs an extra layer - at 18, that could still be fairies, Frozen, or hearts, maybe even Halloween depending on how far she digs...If I don't have a recipient in mind for a quilt I am sewing, she normally asks if she can take it or tosses with eldest - the two inbetween have no chance!

A. Bouwman

I do change the quilt I have on my bed and on the bed in guest room. And every time I enjoy seeing another quilt.

Jennifer in Indy

Two great quilts! Your Loose Change looks really great, and the movement is so nice. I’ve only made one quilt for our king sized bed - it was a beast to piece and quilt. It’s been on the bed for about 10 years now and I am just starting to think about making another one!

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