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July 25, 2022



Sad to say but I am one of those with many projects. I have a closet full of tops with backings, just needing quilting. I have 2 quilts in bags, just needing borders applied. I have a baby quilt on my design wall and yesterday, I started cutting scraps for another awesome scrap quilt that caught my eye. That doesn’t include the big appliqué quilt that has 1 motif of 30 big stitched in the last 3 years. I’m SO pathetic! I love scrap quilts and make small/ mini quilts so why do I have thousands of yards of fabric?
I’m also a bit addicted to wool appliqué so I have a few of those projects too. I just love wool appliqué on pieced cotton.
I’m so happy that I’m not alone in this but I am trying hard to rein in my impulses. I’m off to see Pat Sloans video- maybe she can inspire me…..


Thanks for this post and the mention of Pat Sloan's podcasty! I have countless tops that need to be quilted. And I have a lot of quilts in the works. Add to that my growing stack of counted cross stitch projects to either finish stitching or frame.

The weather is hot and sunny here, and I just don't seem to have the mojo to spend time in my sewing room. I hate to say this; but earlier this year my husband and I had Covid. Fortunately, we weren't really sick but just needed to be quarantined. It was the most productive two weeks of my life. I jokingly tell people 'I need another case of Covid.'


I am disciplined…one at a time. That is not to say, I don’t have quite a few on my “want to do” list. Quilts are sent in batches to my quilter and are bound as soon as they get home. I don’t make many bed-sized quilts anymore as I don’t really need them and have gifted most family members one also …most quilts are 60x60 or slightly less. This works for me and I am most productive this way.


I am a squirrel quilter (I dash from project to the next shiny new project). I had it some what under control until I got back into counted cross stitch, embroidery, crochet, and wool applique. I also bought a stationary quilting machine this year. So I am quilting my own quilts and quilts for charity. I think I really need to watch Pat's video. Thanks for posting the link. I do use the Quilter's planner to help me.


I am a squirrel quilter (I dash from project to the next shiny new project). I had it some what under control until I got back into counted cross stitch, embroidery, crochet, and wool applique. I also bought a stationary quilting machine this year. So I am quilting my own quilts and quilts for charity. I think I really need to watch Pat's video. Thanks for posting the link. I do use the Quilter's planner to help me.

Bonnie Thompson

I have a theory that people are “starters” and “finishers”. I am a finisher. I get satisfaction ( sometimes joy) finishing and emptying things. I use the last drop of shampoo before opening a new bottle, even if it’s a new brand. My husband is a starter and will open a new bag of apples to try them before finishing the last few in the fridge.

I may start more than one sewing project or book but tend to focus and finish one at a time rather than continue to keep starting new. I usually pull fabric and stack projects “to be”.


I currently am working on three on your list plus four others. I have several kits and Boms not started yet and bundles not yet even opened. I am reevaluating and have donated a lot. Most started projects that I haven’t worked on in two years are going to new homes
With one exception. I had a hexagon quilt started in 2007 I think.
It was all cut out and most rosettes stitched. Why did I stop? The pressing!! I still. Love every piece of taupe fabric in it and am slogging
Away.. the rows are joined now and pairs of rows are joined. Down to six section. Hurray! Five LONG seams and I am done. And it feels so good.


I am somewhere in the middle. I "try" to control things by "only" having one quilt in the selecting/cutting phase, one in the block piecing phase, one in the top assembly phase and one in the binding phase at a time (I use a longarmer who takes care of the quilting phase for me). That said, I do set aside anything that no longer inspires me so I have more than four quilts in progress (up to six maybe?). More than six, and I try to talk myself into not cutting more and focusing on finishing SOMETHING :-)


I too have many projects in various stages. However, I like being able to go from one project to another and then back again. I never get bored doing just one project. One thing that helps me is keeping the projects where I can see them and not hidden.


I'm a combination of one-quilt-at-a-time & several projects going on at once. I'm a traditional quilter, but also belong to a fiber arts group with monthly & annual challenges. Those are small art quilts, but still take time & focus. Often, a lap quilt or table topper will be put aside for a couple weeks or more to work on art quilts with a deadline. And, I AM one of 'those people' who have the binding made & ready to put on when I get a quilt back from the long armer! To each their own, I say!


I retired in June and have spent the last month cleaning and organizing my sewing room. It feels so great! I found lots of things and have put almost everything away. I only have my books and patterns yet to sort. I found so many projects that need an hour or two of sewing to be finished! I think there’s something psychological there but I don’t want to know what it is! Anyway, those quilts will be the first to get done and then I’m going to start a bunch of new things! I agree with Pat that something you’re not loving deserves either a rest or another maker. Have a great day!


I’m mostly a finisher, but this spring I took a look at my unfinished projects, I had 5. All the blocks were sewn, I had all the fabric I needed to complete them including the backs. I told myself that I would try to complete one UFO before starting something new. The first one I completed was so satisfying that I completed three before starting something new! One of those was a Fat Quarter Shop quilt along that I was not liking the layout. Your recent post of the project you picked apart and finished inspired me to do do the same on mine. It was so worth it! One thing for me, I would much prefer to sew at my own pace rather than some sort of block at a time sewing, I get bored and want to start something new. Thanks for your inspiration!


I have a tradition of starting my New Year day re-reading my past years list of projects. When I am discouraged with my "progress" I can review those lists and see I do regularly cross off finished projects. Oh, and every New Year day I write a new list of projects I want to/need to complete during the year. Some things are dropped off the list, some things added and some projects are updated. Saying that I have two projects on speed finish.


I'm not that person either. I have gotten to the place where I am not able to go forward, it is too overwhelming. Sigh..... Too many projects started, and too many I want to start :-)


I hate to say it but I'm schizophrenic. I have 25 things started. In January of this year I was determined to get it together. I put the names of each project and details, what needs to be done to finish or items to purchase. I put them in order as to what I wanted to do first in front and a divider that said on hold in back. Then I put the projects I would like to start in the future. So far I have finished 5 large quilts. Every time I get board I put it in the hold section. I keep reviewing my hold section and rotate things out to in progress or sent it to the thrift shop to make some one else happy. This is the first time in 20 years of quilting that I feel organized. So maybe not so schizophrenic at this moment.


I’m pretty much of a one at a time person. However, I love plants as much as I love quilts so that means summer flowers slow the quilting. I am presently cutting projects for a 6 day quilting retreat at Primitive Gatherings. That also means I have about seven quilts in various stages in my mind. And shop hops are a reality in MN in the summer. Winter is time to sew and stay home when it’s too icy to be on the road.

LK Butz

I really like your IKEA cabinet and think it would work for me. Do you have the IKEA number so I can look it up.

Thanks…I really enjoy your blog!!


It seems from reading the posts, we are not just finishers and starters, but everything in between as well! I try to accept myself as just a starter, and allow myself to just enjoy the sewing and not worry what gets finished. But in the end, a finished quilt is something that will be loved and used, but my "unfinishes" seem like they would just be destined for a dumpster when my time is up. Last year, I determined to finish one started quilt every quarter, and I did finish four. This year is a move-- nothing is getting done. I will be making that goal again next year. Problem is, even if I do, I have enough quilts to finish for the next 100 years!!

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