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July 13, 2022



The album blocks/ granny squares are one of my favorites. Your blocks look wonderful! Love them!

Stephani in N. TX

I have made one Lori Holt quilt with album blocks and it is one of my favorites. I find it amazing that making progress on one quilt will lead me to enthusiasm to work on another quilt. A set of one steps on one quilt teases my interest in taking steps on another. I think it's the variety of tasks from one quilt to another. Your quilts are looking lovely, so glad this is a good week for making progress on them. Watch out for the ants, so hot even they want to be inside. Take care.


Your Granny Squares look great in those colors! It's nice you can avoid going outside in the heat & enjoy some sewing time! Enjoy!


we have ants again this year. last time we had them like this was 2015. we think it is related to the drought.

we've found only 1 thing that works and that is Terro brand ant trap. it is made with Borax. we get ants in the weirdest places unrelated to food.

stay cool!

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