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July 28, 2022



HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DEAR EVA! Sounds like you had a perfect day. Love reading about all of your adventures and know you have a bright future. Lots of love from Cape Cod, MA.

Marie Woodhouse

That is a fantastic Day for an eleven year old! Happy Birthday Eva, you are going up quickly, and I love your mouse! Have a wonderful week ahead.


I’ve been following you since before Eva was born! It’s been fun and thank you for sharing so many wonderful things over the years.

sue s

I'm so glad you were able to give Eva a fun-filled day. I can see she loved it. I will have to look at the cat's cradle ruler; I just made several of these blocks for MBH4 and it took too much time!


omg! 11?! she is beautiful! have a lovely weekend. stay cool and safe.

Mary Kastner

What a good Nan


Susan Ramey Cleveland

Happy Birthday, Eva--a bit belated but heartfelt.

Ellen in Oregon

Ava is turning into a lovely young lady. It seems like yesterday that she was just a toddler and now she is almost a teenager. I admire you stamina for that full day of running from one activity to another. At least you could sit & caught your breath during the movies. I dont know why theaters think customers enjoy the Dolby eardrun breaking volumn. It sure doesn't make the viewing better in my opinion. I am hearing impaired and the volume is way too loud for me to enjoy the films. You are a fantastic Nana for giving Eva a day she will long remember.
Incidentially, I made a goof with my Chi iron that I am very in love with. After a couple of months I failed to empty the water tank after I used it and did not self-clean regularly. The iron started spitting a bit of brown water on my fabrics & I learned my lesson. I put a note on my ironing board reminding me I can't just leave it sitting with water in or forget to clean it. I am happy it wasn't an iron problem, but a failure on my part that is now corrected.


Happy birthday Eva! You really had a full day of fun to celebrate! The mouse project is adorable! I agree about the volume being turned way up in theaters...'Top Gun Maverick' was soooooo loud!

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