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July 07, 2022



How fun - mermaid fins!!


You're so right...let Eva be a kid as long as she can! Maybe you could make her a quilt using mermaid themed fabric to remember all of the fun she's having in the pool. 🧜‍♀️ Your blocks are coming along beautifully!


I want to be a mermaid.....sorry about the teens.


I love that you’re letting Eva be a kid by encouraging play! And that you also let her do baking/food projects isn’t the kitchen!

My kids spent last week at overnight camp, and then my 10-yr-old asked for more Star Wars-themed underwear this week. Did other kids have that kind, I asked him? He said, No, they wore plain underwear. He wants more pairs of underwear so he can do his laundry less often, and he happens to like the Star Wars kind a lot! So, I guess that I also like the approach of giving kids responsibilities (laundry, cooking), plus encouraging all the imagination and free play possible :)


Eva is adorable as always! It’s wonderful that she is still “just a kid”!
Have a great summer at the pool.

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