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July 01, 2022


Mary Kastner

Looks delicious! Have a wonderful time with your Dad,



No peas--'I don't like 'em'-- cracked me up!! I have a good friend who can't stand even the thought of peas & her in-laws traditional holiday vegetable is Pea Casserole! The chicken pot pie looks beautiful & sounds really tasty! Have a lovely time with your dad & enjoy the 4th! 🇺🇸🧨

Marie Woodhouse

The Pie sounds easy peay, may give it a try. Happy Canada Day, it's a rainy humid day in Ontario. Just going to enjoy the fireworks tonigh! Enjoy you weekend. Cheers, Marie


what a wonderful idea! it is so hard to come up with new ideas for meals. have a lovely weekend!


We love homemade chicken pie. I use poultry seasoning in mine. Sometimes I'll do mashed potatoes on the bottom with a pie crust on top. I have used leftover stuffing on top or bottom occasionally too. Your pie sounds very good. Glad you are finding foods your dad enjoys. Have a great time at the BBQ.

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