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August 09, 2022



Your table toppers are very cute! Again you’ve inspired me to get cracking and make some myself. Great banner! Now very impressed! I am extremely tech challenged! Ireland? Very exciting!


Love everything ❣️❣️❣️ And yes I noticed it yesterday. ❤️❤️


I immediately noticed the new banner change! I just finished a large quilt so yesterday I was saying I need to make something small. This lovely quilt you show from Carried Away just might fit the bill!

sue s

This reminds me that I bought the Carried Away pattern in a Christmas kit last year. I'll have to get it out soon! Love your banner.


I believe the fabric line was called Urban Cowgirl.


Your banner is fun & inspiring! Your late Summer toppers make a nice change of decor. When you walk in the house after your trip you'll be ready to start Fall! 🌻🍁🍂


I noticed the header change immediately! The fall colors looks so peaceful. You are going to have a fun time in Ireland. We are going to Hawaii in October. I'm dreading the potential nightmare flight problems but I've decided to roll with it.

Stay cool!


Funny thing but your header is totally blank for me - I see nothing - not sure why - I blame it on Bloglovin. LOL

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