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August 25, 2022


Peggie Riccio

Hello, Nicole-
Gee, I'm sorry to hear your Dad is not feeling great. It's a very hard thing to organize, but it sounds like you and your sisters have a good plan. I am wishing all of you well.

I like your idea of lots of books and new patterns! My problem is that I do the same thing, then put them 'somewhere' for later use. Not only do I forget where I put them, I forget I even bought them....imagine? Anyway, I was looking at Instagram yesterday and happened on a little video of Heather Mulder Peterson showcasing some of her beautiful work, and she was using a steamer thingy made by Rowenta.....and you guessed it....she was very disatisfied that it wasn't working well, although it wasn't that old. I guess another victim has gotten 'burned'. Stay well, and prayers and hugs to you and your family.

Nancy B

The books look like great resources. They look particularly appropriate to your style and taste. Love Laundry Basket designs.

I hope the changes you’ve made for your father are helpful. It’s hard to watch our parents and loved ones decline in their later years. Both my parents are gone. Their challenges were hard to manage as we don’t like nearby (military moves) and families were two different directions. You have my empathy. And BTW I don’t care if the content isn’t always quilts or books. I appreciate your transparency.


Not only is it challenging for adult children to take care of their elderly parents, but it is also difficult for the parent. They used to be able to move about freely and do all the things they wanted to do. And now they have limitations and must rely on loved ones to help them. My siblings and I are also taking care of our soon to be 94-year-old father. Thank you for sharing and I will keep you and your siblings and your father in my prayers.

sue s

I think you guys are on the right track. We had daily care for my mom and for us it was worth it. The Point book looks really interesting.


Home Health care would be a welcome respite for you and your sisters as well as a help for your Dad. He may also benefit from some in-home physical therapy, particularly if he is becoming more sedentary after his fall, secondary to pain. We all lose muscle tone so quickly as we age and after a fall, an elderly person, often because of residual pain, is unwilling to move as much and then they lose more muscular strength and tone... it can become a vicious cycle. Could he benefit from a walker to assist with ambulation and give him a bit of extra support? Praying for you all...


Nicole, I heartily agree with checking into home health care. I also have a couple of other suggestions—email me if you are interested. Good luck with everything!

Loris Mills

I don't pipe in here much, I just come and look at your beautiful quilts. However, I just want to say thank you to your whole family for doing such a wonderful continued help to your father. Your efforts to keep him safe and comfortable are great, exceeded only by your commitment to also spending time with him. He is blessed and probably lived a good life to deserve it. Well done!


I agree with the other commenters about having home health care professionals come in to aid you & your sisters with your dad's recovery from his fall. Your sister may have additional suggestions from today's visit with his doctor. You have lots of new quilting ideas to dream about! That's always a good thing!


Hi Nicole. Thank you for allowing us to peek into your life. I enjoy the quilts but also appreciate the other 'stuff'. I worked with the frail elderly in long term care for over 30 years, and know the challenges you are facing. Just remember, even if/when he is being grouchy and uncooperative, your dad knows deep down that you have his best interests at heart.


I'm really surprised he wasn't delighted with the adjustable bed. That will give him some independence to make himself comfortable. it will also make it easier for him to get out of bed.

The chair is also a great idea! Maybe once he uses these things he will be more impressed.

Hope his appointment goes well!

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