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August 23, 2022



You have great taste! It's a lovely wardrobe.


i was in Ireland in May and did the same as you, I switched to a navy wardrobe. My pants/jeans and sweaters/cardigans were worn 2-3 times with a fresh top underneath each day. It made packing so much easier. I do recommend a little hat or scarf of some type. It was breezy and cool along the coast.

Pamela Dempsey

Your wardrobe is great! 😊

sue s

I'm sorry recovery has been slow for your dad. You do what you can as best you can.
I have that same blue sweater/pants from JJill and I love them! I agree a scarf can dress up any outfit.

Debbie R.

So interesting to see how you put together a travel wardrobe. Wish I had your flair (and your wardrobe)! Thanks for the walk-through. You will be comfortable and looking good, wherever, whatever. Good luck with all your work this month. And I hope that things improve with your father.


For me, shoes are always the problem. How many pairs, with a low heel or only flats. I end up wearing my AllBirds runners most of the time!


I need to pay more attention to what I pack for trips! Mine never coordinate like yours do and I end up brining way more than I need!
I'm sorry to hear to your dad's recovery has been slow. You are doing the best you can and remember you and your sisters take time for yourselves as well.


In contrast to you, Nicole, I really dislike packing for a trip (and I have an upcoming trip to Sardinia and Corsica... but it is a hiking trip, so not too difficult to figure out what to bring). I love your navy options as I often opt for black so it is nice to see a different combo.
Unfortunately, I know all too well how a fall can impact an elderly parent. Praying for his recovery and for your family...not easy days, I know! Hugs to you!!


Your month has been jam-packed with things requiring your focus. So, I imagine coordinating your travel wardrobe is a nice distraction. Everything looks great together & are an example of how to pack smart! You & your sisters are, no doubt, doing everything you possibly can to help your dad. It's a labor of love, but remember to give yourselves permission for self-care.


I'm so sorry to hear about your dad. The worry is so difficult. I hope he recovers soon.


How do you keep your clothes wrinkle free in your luggage when you travel?

Christine Cole

I'm so sorry to hear about your Dad. It is hard to watch our elderly loved ones struggling or hurting. The worry is real. On another note I like your travel wardrobe and I think I will try your planning method on my next trip.

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Love the color way for your travel wardrobe. Prayers and good vibes for your dad's health and living environment. Wish I was going to Ireland.

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