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August 18, 2022


sue s

6th grade! Wow.
I also am about done with MBH4. Maybe one more block. This is my third quilt using the same Lella Boutique's fabrics and that's enough.


My 6th graders start Monday. double sob!! I did not want summer to end for them! Or for me to be honest! They are excited or course.


I am stopping with my blockheads too. Now to put it together. Your piecing is impeccable. Is it the all navy block you aren’t sure of? I have some I’m not sure of either but they are staying.


I haven’t done a Block Head yet! I am tempted! Eva is super adorable as usual! Grade 6! I remember you posting pictures of her as a toddler. Time really does fly. Lovely to see you soaking up every moment with her.


Those blocks are looking really nice on your design wall! I'm glad you're finding some time in your busy days to sew! How is it possible that Eva is starting 6th Grade? A lot of us have been reading your blog since before she was born! Time is flying by!

Lisa D.

Such a grown up young lady. I hope she has a great year in 6th grade. I really couldn't pick a dud on your design wall, but it's always great to have options. The more blocks the merrier!

Mary Kastner

My little is in Junior High too (big sign)!


omg! 6th grade?! how? when? I hope she has a great year!


I am guessing the dark blue block on the right side of row 2 is the one you’re redoing! It looks a bit darker and less colorful than the others. This is kind of a dangerous guessing game—if people guess wrong you might start to wonder about other blocks too!
Congratulations to the fabulous Eva— I’m also guessing this will be YOUR year in school! Xox

claudette dumont

bonne rentré scolaire jeune fille.......bonne chance avec votre papadu vendredi au dimanche.claudette

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