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August 15, 2022



So sorry to hear about your dad. Getting older isn't for sissies, that is for sure. I pray he regains his strength and gets through the current aches and pains. I know the worry is not easy on the family, because you all love him so much.
I love the tabble topper. Your house is always festive for the season. Can't wait to see the blackbird runner.
Take care, sending well wishes.

Debbie R.

So sorry to hear about your father. Sure hope that the 24/7 attention and care from his kids helps him through this rough patch, and that he is soon on the mend.

sue s

I too am sorry to read about your dad's falls. So glad he didn't break any bones, but the strained and pulled muscles almost sounds worse. He is so lucky to have family to stay with him! I also admired the blackbird pattern but I have too many in the queue already.


I know that it is a difficult time now for your family taking care of your dad, but it is also wonderful to see how you are all pulling together to take care of him, and I am sure he appreciates it so much. My family is going through this as well with my 94-year-old dad. I wish your dad a speedy recovery from his fall. I also like the blackbird pattern. A table runner is a great way to go when you don't want to make a big quilt.


You & your sisters will never regret the hours spent caring for your dad. It's a labor of love--some say their parent(s) cared for them when they were infants & now it's their turn. It's not an easy task, but you won't ever regret doing it. It's wonderful that your nephew can be there for lifting & helping at night. I salute you all! ❤️


Retired nurse here (and also the daughter of a Mom that suffered a fall in her 90's)... perhaps consider renting a hospital bed for your dad, that he/you can raise the head /legs of the bed to aid in his comfort. Hoping that he recovers from this and there are no lingering after-effects. Try to get him to eat whatever he will eat...even if it is ice cream ! Praying for your Dad and your family...

Mary Kastner

Oh my Nicole I am so sorry to hear about your DAD. I will send some prayers his way and hopefully thing will get better slow but sure. Take care of yourself too!


My heart goes out to you and your family. He is so lucky to have such caring and giving daughters though. Old folks are so fragile at his age. It is amazing to reach such an age but it comes with some work and luck. You girls don't forget to take care of yourselves. I like that you have your quilting as a creative outlet. Hugs to you all.


oh dear. I am so sorry. I can imagine how painful that is for your dad. He is also very frustrated by not being able to do simple things for himself. :(

Gloria Yates

I am so sorry this is happening with your dad. A hospital bed might make it easier for him. Medicare will take care of expense with proper diagnosis and order from Dr.

Gloria Yates

I am so sorry this is happening with your dad. A hospital bed might make it easier for him. Medicare will take care of expense with proper diagnosis and order from Dr.

Gloria Yates

My mother died in March and she was 97 and experienced many falls.
Mother lived in an assisted facility. Each fall required a trip to ER and admission. I do understand what you are facing. I miss my mother!

T Holzer

Such a hard road for you and your sisters to walk right now, Nicole. I wish I could come and have a coffee with you on your deck and give you some mental downtime! Take care during this time.

Beverly Custer

I read your posts every time I get one, and have been following your journey...the good and the not-so-good...We share some commen likes about inspire me, and I get great ideas from you.Know that I am thinking of you, your sister and , of course, your Dad...and I hope he has better days ahead. With you both taking such good care of him, I hope he responds and get back to himself soon.Bev


So sorry to hear about your father. As they get older, they seem more fragile. I hope he will be feeling better soon. Love your table topper. You could write a pattern ;-)


Sending all the best wishes for your father's recovery.


I absolutely love your table topper. Wish I were talented enough to figure out how to do it without a pattern, but that's a no.

I bought the same blackbird pattern with the same intention. I'm on a table runner kick right now and thought it would make a cute go first!

Sorry to know your family is experiencing rough times right now. Please make it a point to take care of yourselves through it all.


What a difficult situation you are dealing with concerning your dad. My heart and prayers go out to you all. I know you love and cherish him.


Age is a challenge. Good that he was not not seriously injured but at his age recovery is still slow. He is fortunate to have his girls. You take care and cater to him while encouraging him to move. Don't forget to have him take deep breaths.

Kerry L

So sorry Nicole to hear about your dear dad ‘s trials. I agree with others that you will never regret time spent with him even through ever increasing difficulties. Thinking of you!

Leota Krantz

Just checking in on you and letting you know I am thinking about you and your Dad.

Ellen in Oregon

It must be overwhelming to have your Dad injured and so dependent on you for everything. I hope he recovers quickly, but it must be exasperating to know his medic alert did not work when he needed it. Please take care of yourself as as the worry and caregiving can take a toll on your own health.
I absolutely love the table topper you made. If there was a pattern I would be ordering it. HSTs are my favorite blocks to make lately. I bought the Blackbird PDF around the same time you did. I had hoarded some left over stash from Pepper & flax and think I have enough to make a wall hanging. I can wait to get some Buttercup & Slate when it's released to make the bigger quilt. Such a cute little bird. Hard to believe Eva is in 6th grade. You must be wondering how to keep her from growing up so fast as you "sob".

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