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September 29, 2022



My dad could use one of those chairs! Hope you have a quiet and peaceful visit with your dad.

sue s

I do wish you luck. There are belts you can utilize to help lift your father. And I like this acorn better! I really need to make some mug rugs for our living room.

Debbie R.

Glad you had a good holiday. And now back to real life.
Your first mug rug is cute. The second one is perfection. And nothing wrong with enough space for a sandwich or cookie!
Wishing you good luck with your father this weekend. Hope that you can keep him comfortable and content.


That bee fabric is so cute! 🐝 (We just got the first honey from our two smooth!). You'll all appreciate the 'boost' that chair will give helping your dad get up! Wishing you a safe & uneventful stay.


Thinking of you . Hope all goes well"❤️


oh, dear. lots of hugs.


Wow! I did not think you needed to remake the acorn-- but you absolutely knocked that out of the park! Hoping the time with your Dad goes well-- I'm in a similar situation with my 89 year old mom-- it is so hard to watch them struggle, but she has totally bounced back many times! xoxo


Love the mug rug! We could use one of those chairs for my dad too. He gets out of rehab tomorrow and goes home. He'll have PT, OT and speech therapy at home for the foreseeable future, or until insurance cuts him off. I saw him today and he's rather cantankerous, but I would be too if I was in rehab and wound up getting COVID from my roommate! Keeping you and your father in my prayers. ❤️❤️❤️

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