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September 06, 2022


Pamela Dempsey

Enjoy your time off 😊

T Holzer

Take care, Nicole.


Take care of yourself and loved ones. Sending you prayers for strength. Take all the time you need. As they say, we'll keep the light on Hugs to you.


You need to get a few things off of your plate. Your readers will be right here when you are ready to return. Just remember to breathe. ❤️


Thanks for the update. Family first, always. Supporting you in prayer.
Will miss your newsy notes.


We will miss you but it is so important to take time for yourself and your family.

sue s

Take care. We'll welcome you back when it's OK.

Dona Zarosinski

I’ll miss you and I understand family commitments…completely understand. Take care of yourself too!

Gloria Yates

We will miss you but it is important to take care of yourself and family.

Mary Kastner

Take care Nicole. I will miss you for sure.


We will miss you, Nicole! Please take the time you need, try to get rest and relaxation when you can, and we'll be here when you are ready to return.

Nancy L Buennemeyer

Good for you Nicole. Prayers for you and your father. We do reach a certain stage in life. Especially that "sandwich" point - taking care of parents, our adult kids and the grands. It can be overwhelming. Our crafting is a respite while we take care of business... but not a blog. Everyone's support will be here. You are often so gracious to acknowledge and respond everyone's comments. I'm glad you are taking a step back and taking care of YOU.


Self care is important and when something becomes a task rather than a pleasure, it's time to take a break. Enjoy your break (and are you going to Ireland this month?). I look forward to your return.


Take care and enjoy your break!

Debbie R.

Have a great trip!!


Enjoy the break and I will be praying for your father. Mine is in acute rehab now after a brain bleed and small stroke and doing well. Take care of yourself! ❤️


Be well!


Hope you go on your trip and have some fun and recharge your batteries! Sending healing thoughts to your dad! Miss you already!

Donna Murdock

Best of prayers for you, your father, and your family. This has been a stressful time for you. From prior experiences, I would advise you to give yourself all the rest you need! If you get sick, then lots of dominoes fall down. Our bodies can only handle so much stress before something must give. You can ask any doctor or mental health person to validate that statement, if only you had the time! Enjoy all the quiet moments you get. One day you will look back and treasure the time you have spent serving your family in these valuable moments.


Wishing you all the best! :-)

Sandy Carlson

Family comes first, but take of yourself. You can't support anyone else when you yourself are drained. Your blogging community loves and cares for you and will be here when you are able to return. Prayers for you and yours.


Family comes first, but you’ll be missed. 💕

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