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September 27, 2022



Welcome back Nicole. You've been missed. Hugs!


God love you all for helping to care for him at home. We didn't have that option for both parents. I've been thinking a lot about your family and praying things are going well. Thanks for checking in.


Glad you are back. You do sound refreshed. I like to shop local too even it’s more expensive. Amazon and Walmart can share the wealth. But I have found my local thrift shops have fun wreaths that I can play with by adding or subtracting with my own decorations.
Caring for a loved one can be difficult and also rewarding. You are blessed to be a blessing. Only one chance to do it well.

sue s

I am so glad you have your sisters to help with your father's care. We had caregivers for my mom but it still was nice for my sister and I to share the load. Eva is at regular school now? That will lessen your load too, even though you may miss the time with her.


I'm glad to have you back. I think I've been following you for at least 12 years and you are one of the few people who still blog. Looking forward to hearing about your reading, as always.


Missed you.
Decor looks great.
Prayers for your Dad. It is hard to see them age rapidly.
Hugs to you. Glad you are back.

Marie Woodhouse

Welcome Back home and I missed your posts. I am glad you had a break from your usual life and got to get out of the country to visit your son. I hope your dad continues to recover and improve. Looking forward to the future sewing projects that you get doing. Enjoy the fall, it got very cold here on Sept 22, Fall definitely has arrived where I live.

Dona Zarosinski

Welcome Home and Happy Fall and bless you and your sisters and best wishes to your Dad.

Mary Kastner

Welcome back Nicole, you have been missed by me for sure,


It was nice to see your blog update this morning! I'm especially happy to hear you've got some extra help with your dad for you & your sisters. Those professionals will be a good addition to the 'care team'. As always, remember to take care of yourselves too. Welcome back!


I'm glad to see you back this morning, and glad that you had a little rest and relaxation. So relieved that you and your sisters have help with your dad and are able to keep him home. That is such a nice option that he can be someplace familiar. Hugs to you and your family!


You’ve been missed! Welcome back. I cared for my father and mother for 5 years including during Covid when I worried about everyone coming in the door! It’s hard, I know. Lost Dad last July and Mom this March. I celebrate them being back together and getting me back too. Bit by bit.


Great to hear from you Nicole! I have been worried about your Dad and hoping he has made some strides in recuperating and am happy you have extra outside assistance. Falls are catastrophic for the elderly as I know from personal experience with my Mom. Sending prayers and hugs to you and your family. By the way, did you travel to see your son? I thought it was planned for September. Glad to see you back in my email !


Welcome back! I so enjoy your blog. Your quilts are beautiful & I know your life recently has been stressful. Glad you & your sisters have some needed help with your father. ❤️& prayers for all your family.


It is nice to see you back in my inbox, but I am glad you got to get a little rest. It is a difficult time in our lives when the parents whom we love so much get to this stage in life. You and your sisters have done a wonderful job taking care of your father and the caregivers you have hired will give you lots of peace of mind. Your wreath is beautiful, and I love your copper pumpkin!


I am so sorry your father is still struggling. Heartbreaking. :(

Did you go to Ireland? I hope so. You did a lovely job decorating my front porch. I adore that copper pumpkin.

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