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October 03, 2022



Great idea! I'm about to go on vacation so will be reading some books I've loaded on my Kindle over the past year.

Meredith in Cincinnati

These books look interesting, and I like your idea!

T Holzer

Nope, I've not ready any of these, but I love the idea of reading shelf books and I'll be looking forward to your reviews!! And don't forget to sew some, too lol!!


That's a fun idea! Cackle & Hester both sound interesting to me. Happy reading & be sure to give your sewing machine some time, too!

Susan Cleveland

I see some of my favorite authors on your list. I have HESTER on hold at the library. I for sure want to ready the Riley Blake book. I love how he is so adept at writing female characters.

Anne Simonot

I have read three of these, and honestly, I wish I had DNF’d two of them! Will look forward to your thoughts!

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