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October 27, 2022


Jackie Hicks

I did a block of the month with a local quilt shop and it included strips between the sets of blocks and they had excellent instructions on how to cut them and mine came out perfect. I'll be glad to dig it out send to you is you want it


Those block sizes are quite unusual. And, I'd be nervous about the final outcome, so I'm absolutely no help either! What kind of publication are you writing for that has an article about cleaning hot tub barf? My guess is some sort of household hints...are YOU Heloise?? 😂🤣

sue s

Maybe they will fit right because the previous row is slightly bigger too- one can hope! Ooh great question Jan! ARE you Heloise?


I am currently doing a BOM that has many sizes of blocks. Some of the flying geese are in 1/8 measurements. The smallest are something like 7/8x1 3/4 and none of my speciality rulers work. None fit right so threw them away will try a different method.
I bought the book for the
Family reunion pattern. When I saw 1/8’s I decided to switch to Lori
Holts Great Granny squared pattern. More power to you for tackling
It. Your quilts is beautiful!

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